1zvn7pr643eou normal face
His mii.
NNID 701532
Age 14
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U Community (Formerly)

New Super Luigi U Community

Followers 650+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 29th May
Alts 601532

TravisBrother Floyd01532

Nuke is a user on Miiverse and LMR. He has been on one account ever since he joined. He thinks Miiverse wars, or comment wars are four year old kids throwing insults at one another. Nuke is not an original Smasher, and randomly joined the WFU. He does not like the YTC, but respects them and leaves them alone. Nuke was previously an admin on LMR and has 2 mains, which can be found here and here.

Starting Miiverse

Unlike most others, Nuke did not start at the Smash Community, or even the YTC, but the Pokemon XY community, at the time when it was actually alive. Nuke wanted a lot of follows, although that has changed. Nuke normally posted trade offers/requests and questions until he eventually decided to move to the YTC.

Youtube Community

Nuke did not like the YTC, but stayed there for a while. He mainly just Yeahed posts, talk to users, and just comment. He got bored of seeing FNAF and anime drawings, and decided to move communities again, this time in the ACNL community.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Community

At the time, Nuke actually liked the community, he would mainly post screenshots and accomplishments. After Nuke did most things in the game, he thought it was boring posting the same thing over and over again. He still goes to the community to this day, but never posts.

The Wii Fit U Community

Hearing rumours about a new active community called the Wii Fit U Community, nuke decided to go and comment there, but accidentally commented in the European and Oceania's community. After searching for the American community, he visited the American community and to his surprise, the community was better than he expected.

Back to Legend of Zelda Community

Nuke was never with the Smashers at the time during the invasion, because he joined them during the Wii Fit U Community era. After the redesign hit, it was nowhere near the old WFU community, and decided to leave with the rest of the Smashers. He respects the Hylian's and on-topic posters before.

New Super Luigi U Community

One full day after the redesign, he, and the Smashers left to go to the New Super Luigi U Community, which now separates the Hylians, the Smashers, and the Youtubers once again.


(This is not in a corresponding order)


  • 601532/Nuke- Inactive, 4 bans, near perma ban, wont be used again. Old main.
  • 701532/Nuke- Active, 1 ban, near another ban
  • Floyd01532/Nuke- Inactive, no warnings.
  • TravisBrother/Zack- Inactive- 2 admin notifications
  • 801533/Nuke- New alt, will rarely be used.


"You can't spell nuke without nu"- Nuke in an argument

"PK peanut butter!"

"Why do people keep saying me me?"- Nuke attempting to troll

"ACNL is GTA. You have weapons, the axe and the slingshot"

"Olimar to OP, Little Mac to weak"

Clone trooper

Nuke Troopers in Phase II armour.


  • Nuke wants Claus/ Masked For Smash, or at least an alt like Alph is of Olimar
  • Nuke hates drawing.
  • He mains Kirby in Smash Bros.
  • His affiliation is unknown.
  • He was the first person to post in the infamous Electric Guitar community that actually had the game.
  • He found the Japanese WFU.
  • He has made alts for users like Akaito and Caleb.
  • He once made a Mii called LuCENNNNNA.
  • He's a huge fan of Star Wars, especially The Clone Troopers.
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