Notification icon in the PC Version of Miiverse.

Notifications play a big role on Miiverse. Notifications tell you what is happening with you and your posts. In one update, you have the option to not have Yeahs show up in your Notifications. At first, you only got to see 20 notifications at a time, but in an update the limit was changed to 50.

Notifications are also really helpful for Roleplayers on Miiverse so they know when to comment. Notifications are also helpful with Yeah Givers. Yeah Givers may also annoy people because the target's notifications will explode. However, admin notifications can appear if you are banned or got a post or comment of yours deleted.

On the Wii U version of Miiverse only, you can get notifications from receiving friend requests.

Things that show up in your notifications

  • Admin Notifications: Warnings, Regular Ban, Permanent Ban, and Console Ban.
  • Yeah Notification(s) (unless turned off)
  • Follower Notification(s)
  • Friend Request(s) (Only on Wii U version)
  • Comment Notification(s)
  • My Nintendo Mission Completion: "Sign in to Miiverse (Weekly)" (gives you 30+ credit)

Admin Notifications

An admin notification is what you get when you are false reported, when your abstract drawings are mistakenly seen as off topic, or when a false reporter gets you banned. Also, on an incredibly rare occasion, you will get a notification for actually violating the Miiverse Code of Conduct. Most users either do not care and take these as a joke, or rant on about them. However, some users will actually experience high levels of anxiety upon receiving one of these. The notifications will not disappear like most notifications, it will stick to the bottom of your notifications list until you get another. On the Wii U version, you can send messages to the admins. You cannot write them a message, but you can select any of the response options that are given to you by default. The options are:

  1. "I understand."
  2. "I have edited my Mii, nickname, and/or profile comment."
  3. "I did not violate the Code of Conduct."

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