Ninji mii updated
NNID HopperNinji
Age Unknown
Joined January 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 374
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday August 4
Alts World2Ninji

Ninji (NNID: HopperNinji) is a former/current Miiverse user who generally tended to frequent the Super Smash Bros. community and, once that community was closed, either heads to the most meme-filled and heated. He half-heartedly attempted to leave for good after that, but the ride didn't end after all, and he ended up, as of now, on the New Super Luigi U Community with most of the remaining Smashctic community available or ends up in the Youtube ripoff.

Ninji recently got deeknown for. "Given the current state of affairs, it's unlik

He was the most prominent for being a Yeahgiver since the original Smash community. Althoe community, gets depressed, and leaves for a while. Ninji use he adely I'll contribute much of note, but in that event I'll proba to post in the Wii Fit U Community with the Smashers and memers until it got upders, and the few YouTubers who moved in with the Smashers.mires Paden-possibly the most prolific and famous Yeahgiver on Miiverse-Ninji considers himself to be originally a Rosalinughbly remember to include something about it here."~Ninji


  • "Ninji'sanaa so much, why don't you go do it in the Smash 3DS community?" - Ninji, giving a rational and logica

p in the Miiverse game yet again after several months of general disinterest; having done so, he checked his LMR page and discovered tha

  • !" -Ninji, awakening supernatural and superdank powers through friendship and quickscopes
  • "If you like discussing Zeld

t Past Ninji had, yen up to his old tricks, producing a bunch of mostly irrelevant and cringey stuff that had little or net again, beothing to , received a two-week ban because of a family member posting some... stuff to the Smdo relationship with Miiverse has intensified! Ninji has obtained the Persona Dewrito-no-Scope, of the MLG Arc with the few things he was actually

  • "cactus new
  • Fire meme"- Ninji, not actually making cactus the new meme.


  • Currently lives in the Undertale trash bin
  • Shin Megami Tensei
  • PokemonEash Bros.stly unused for monthsas
  • Previously Earthbmblem
  • Still unironically enjoys Smound, but seems to have grown out of it


  • World2Ninji: Wii U account, went moh support communities, but currently up.

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