2pcmwp44y2l9d7v normal face
NNID njproductions123/nigel2point0
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Super Smash Bros. Series, AC:NL
Followers 80
System(s) owned 3DS and WiiU
Birthday 6/14
Alts Unknown

Nigel (NNID: njproductions123) is a Miiverse user who draws and posts about various topics.


When Nigel got a 3DS, he joined Miiverse and posted some drawings and screenshots. Then he found the Super Smash Bros. Series Community and started trolling. After that, he found the Animal Crossing: New Leaf community and posted pics from there. He was in the 2 Miiverse wars. He is currently banned for the 3rd time! He isn't very popular, and only has 80 followers. He can draw and usually just posts random stuff.

Nigel Now

Now Nigel was permabanned from Miiverse and he recently got a Wii U. He took a 6 month hiatus from LMR for unknown reasons.


  • He is a spooky scary skeleton.
  • He can draw.
  • He is """friends""" with some popular Miiverse users.
  • He can speak Spanish Italian and English.
  • He has le money.
  • He has made a video game.
  • He is part of the MIiverse RPG Team.
  • He has been banned 3 times.
  • He likes pie.
  • He has been permanently banned from Miiverse. His brother congratulated him for dat.
  • He found an Animal Crossing glitch.
  • He has a Youtube Channel

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