Nicole's mii is genderbent
NNID SoupahMario
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Splatoon Community
Followers 360+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts SoupahLuigi


Nicole is a user who is obsessive over Rosalina from the Mario series. She talks about it sometimes (Okay, maybe a lot) on Miiverse, but in reality, she always thinks about her, when she's not thinking about Groose or Smash, or something else. 

He used to be constantly active on Miiverse, until he got invited to Smashy Club, but he sometimes returns to make posts. Lately he's been a bit more active, but still doesn't post much. Eventually he got bored and decided to make an account just for drawing and takes requests. He decided to use his gender Mii fromm Nicholas (Or Nick) as his Mii for it. Hyrule Warriors was in development at the time, started showing characters other than Link. So he started requesting her favorite/favourite character Groose. She felt her activity was too spammy about him, so he made an account where she masqueraded as him. She was certain he would be in, he's the most important Skyward Sword character! Eventually, the game released, and Groose was nowhere to be seen. Nick got angry, and made many posts about it. She moved on eventually, but she's still ticked off from time to time. 

He felt she would soon get banned, so he made an alternate account. He did get banned eventually, but he wasn't that angry that time. Until, his main account got banned again for making a post and commenting over fifty times on it, all saying "I'm really feeling it!". He wants to kill the person who reported them all, as he only expressed the phrase in a single post, as to try not to bother anybody with excessive posts about it.



  • He stated his Mii was genderbended, and that he was actually a female, however this was false.
    • He confirmed he was male in his profile comment.

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