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NNID n0tnick5


Age 20
Joined 2012
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 300+
System(s) owned Wii U; System in the Nintendo 3DS family
Birthday Unknown
Alts None

Nick is a user that often posts in the New Super Luigi U Community. His posts often include film references and TV shows. Nick's easy to get along with, and can be comical at times. His Miiverse friends are LordSquid, Roxy, Slendher, Mimi-Chan, and Destiny. He draws from time to time, and has previously drawn things from various films, and logos. He may or may not have a small crush on Tanukidee. Some of Nick's artwork is displayed here.

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Sm4sh logo

Current Account

Nick currently has three accounts on his Wii U, including his original, where he posts screenshots of his Wii U games and drawings, his secondary, neonik9, where he clowns around, and posts in the New Super Luigi U Community.


Nick's Mii is based on a picture he took of himself, using the Gamepad's photo feature in 2012, and has had it ever since. He started in the Nintendoland community, and later moved to the Smash community, when it appeared in June, 2013.


Nick is one of the original users from the Sm4sh community, so he can somewhat be a punk/troll occasionally. Yet, he's a nice guy, and doesn't wish to upset anyone. He often comments with jokes on things he can relate to. If you're online, you likely know who is he is.


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