NNID captainofcool
Age 18
Joined 12/9/13
Community Varies
Followers 141+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 3/9/99
Alts None
Nicholas (better known with the username captainofcool), is a Miiverse user who is not very popular. He used to post strictly on-topic, then mostly off-topic, but now he's back to being on-topic in various communities. He is a normally laid-back person, hardly ever causing a disturbance.


Before December 9th, 2013, Nicholas had no Miiverse account or even a NNID due to owning only a 3DS. After the update containing Miiverse was installed, however, he quickly made an account. He didn't post much at the beginning. In fact, there would be months without any posts at all. However, once a friend convinced him to post more, he did just that. While doing so, he accidentally stumbled across the YouTube community, where he decided to settle down for a bit. Then, after getting a Wii U, he had found out about the Wii Fit U community and chose to make it his new home, with the Animal Crossing: New Leaf community being like a summer bungalow. After the redesign, though, he mostly just posts in various communities.


  • "You are in the state of existing as a young person between the stages of life of infancy and adulthood at this present time frame You are in the state of existing as a marine animal known as a celphalopod in the order Teuthida with eight arms arranged in pairs and two, usually extended in length compared to said arms, appendages known as tentacles at this present time frame"
  • "Wario de Mambo is the best song ever."
  • "I don't know why you'd ask a giant lawnmower to pick flowers."
  • "Whenever someone mentions Jasper from Steven Universe, I can't help but think of Jasper T. Jowls of Chuck E. Cheese's."
  • "It's still the Year of Luigi. It's forever the Year of Luigi. Decade of Luigi. Century of Luigi. Millennium of Luigi. Eon of Luigi. Eternity of Luigi. Luigi. Is your body ready?"


  • He is an avid Animal Crossing and Kirby fan.
  • He was the only sane poster in the Kirby: Triple Deluxe community until he left.

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