New Super Luigi. U Community

New Super Luigi U Community
Community Type Sub-Community
Launch Date June 19th, 2013
Special Attributes Not affected by the the Miiverse Redesign
Community console WiiUPlatform
Game Genre Platformer
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New Super Luigi U Game Posts

New Super Mario Bros. U Game Posts

Developers' Room

The New Super Luigi U Community (Also known as NSLU/NSLUC for short) is a sub-community for the New Super Mario Bros. U Community. The community wasn't very active, until the Miiverse redesign changed almost all communities except for this communities, making it one of the most active counity, the The Legend of Zelda Community, the Support Communities, the Wii Sports Club sub communities, the Outfit ID Exchange subcommunity and the Boxboy Game Tips community.

New Super Luigi U is an expansion and DLC of New Super Mario Bros. U featuring new level designs and Nabbit as a playable character. New Super Luigi U was made as a way to celebrate The Year of Luigi. The game can also be bought without getting New Super Mario Bros. U.

Off - Topic Posting

Ever since the Miiverse Redesign, many users moved to the NSLUC and started posting off-topic. Here are the most important events:

  • On July 30th, 2015, the Smashers realized that the NSLUC was not affected by the Miiverse Redesign, so most of the Smashers and a few Youtubers moved out of The Legend of Zelda Series Community and started posting there. Basically the 4th age of Smashers. The YouTube community would raid the NSLU community on a regular basis, usually due to users from YTC finding it easier to troll the NSLUC than the old Wii Fit U Community.
  • On August 22th, 2015, the Youtube Community raided the NSLUC. Kirby (User), suggested that the Smashers should move to the Japanese NSLUC. The Smashers moved there for a little while. Soon, the Youtubers moved to the Japanese NSLUC, and the Smashers moved back to the American NSLUC.
  • On October 14th, 2015, many Youtubers panicked after the YouTube Community Split Up. Five Nights at Freddy's and YTC posts started showing up, which made some NSLU users mad.
  • On October 17th, 2015, Lard Cow brought up the idea of moving to another community. Some users liked the idea of moving, while others did not. A user called Dempsey suggested that the Smashers should move to the Japanese NSLUC, and a lot of Smashers did.
  • On November 29th, 2015, many users started talking about a war with the Hylians. A meme started were users would post "logs" set in a post apocalyptic Miiverse. This event is known as The "Cringepocalypse".
  • December - early 2016, many clans had "invaded" the NSLUC. Team Plasma and AS, to name a few.
  • On December 5th, 2016, PF2M accidentally locked up the community and the Smashers moved to the european version of the community until it was fixed.
  • On January 23, 2017, Wolfrik+ (or him in disguise as Shenaysia) spammed the NSLUC and told everyone to go to the Panama Club or they would be admined (which is a ban, but said differently), and some users continued to post to the NSLUC, while others followed the instructions.
  • On November 7, 2017, the community was yet again locked. PF2M, the user locking it, claims it was for archiving purposes.


  • The community became very popular after the off-topic posters and Smashers discovered the community, which led to many users from other communities moving to the NSLU Community to post.
  • Originally the community was thought of as a Wii Fit U Community 2.0 until more and more of the YouTube community moved in, now some often view NSLU as a second YouTube Community but with more spam and memes.
  • The community is home to The Miiverse Times.
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  • A Discord server for this community has been created. Unlike Miiverse, this server allows swearing, photos and memes, and even NSFW content. Link:
  • An alternate version of Miiverse was created by a user named Seth, which allows swearing and the ability to post pictures. The site can be accessed here:
  • Another version of Miiverse called Closedverse was made by the users PF2M and Arian, which also allows swearing and posting pictures and a few extra features. Link:

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