New 3DS System Reveal Trailer!01:15

New 3DS System Reveal Trailer!

The reveal trailer.


New 3DS XL (left) and New 3DS (right)

New Nintendo 3DS
Developer Nintendo
Release Date January 14th, 2015
Generation 8th Generation
Predecessor Nintendo 3DS
Successor Nintendo Switch
The New Nintendo 3DS is a handheld system developed by Nintendo as a fourth member to the 3DS family. It has been released in Japan (Oct. 11), Australia and New Zealand (Nov. 21), and Europe and America ( Feb. 13) Though the smaller model didn't release in America until Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer came out.

The New 3DS is an improvement of the existing Nintendo 3DS. Along with a rubbery nub (C-Stick), two extra shoulder pads (ZL & ZR), better 3D, NFC support (which allows accessing amiibo) and micro-SD card support. The New 3DS also has a larger version known as the New Nintendo 3DS XL.


The New 3DS was first revealed at a Japanese Nintendo 3DS direct. It shows its capabilities including games supporting the C-Stick's use. One game is exclusive to the New 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles (which was only for the Wii). This left people anxious for the New 3DS because no one knew when it was going to be released in their country.

When it was released in Japan, the New 3DS was also announced that it will have colorful faceplates that's only exclusive to the small version. While 38 were at launch, they were heavily advertised, a popular singer even advertised the faceplates.

Meanwhile in September, the first direct available in Australia was showing the capabilities of the New 3DS similarily to the Japanese version. They announced that the Australian and New Zealand version was going to be released on November 21st, while America and Europe had to wait until 2015. This is also possibly the first time Australia got a handheld console before any other English region.

At launch, the normal New 3DS was only available in white while the faceplates are still available. On January 15th however, a Nintendo Direct revealed that the European and American would get the New 3DS on February 13th. The models were only exclusive to each continent, Europe gets both models while America only gets the XL model.

On September 25th, the normal New 3DS was made available in North America, but only bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Eventually, a bundle containing the standard New 3DS, 2 Pokémon cover plates, a theme, and Pokemon Red and Blue pre-installed was released in North America.


The New 3DS features various changes from the original 3DS. The most notable is the rubbery nub called the C-Stick and two shoulder buttons. The C-Stick acts as the Circle Pad Pro for the New 3DS but with some differences: the biggest difference is that the C-Stick cannot be moved around while the Circle Pad can. It can feel awkward at first (but you'll get used to it!). The ZR and ZL buttons are mainly extra shoulder buttons for some future games. One of the positive aspects is its improved 3D. The 3D can follow the user anywhere so they don't have to look directly at the screen. The brightness can differ how strong the light is, but is very picky and thus should be turned off when first getting it. It also includes built-in NFC technology which allows accessing amiibos with certain games (ex. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS) and other files that can be transferred to a computer. The SD cards slot has been replaced with one for Micro-SD cards. The Web Browser has been subsequenty improved (Quite a lot, but not as good like on tablets or computers). There is also an internet filter for disallowing children from going to mature websites, though it is exclusive to the Japanese version.

The A, B, X and Y buttons have a colour scheme similar to that of the SNES. The normal New 3DS screen is 1.2 times larger then the original model while the New 3DS XL is the same of the old XL. The normal New 3DS is heavier then the normal 3DS while the XL is lighter than its original counterpart.


There were 230,000 New 3DS sales from Japan within the first two days of launch. Oceania had 880,000, and America and Europe had 335,000 units sold for the first week.


The New 3DS was arguably positive. Reviewers has praised the very stable 3D tracking the user, the C-Stick, ZL & ZR buttons and more. GameSpot has even stated that the New 3DS "is possibly the greatest Nintendo handheld". Though, it also gained some criticism: they said the placements for the stylus, Power Button and Game Card was considered "inconvenient". The Micro-SD card placement was also criticized, along with the Auto-Brightness... Yet, everything else was near perfection.

Games exclusive to the New 3DS

  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


The New Nintendo 3DS/New Nintendo 3DS XL Community was a Special Community, similar to The Legend of Zelda Community.

What's it like?

The majority of the posts you'd find in here are:

  • Posts or drawn posts saying the word "new"
  • Asking for followers or Yeahs. (like usual)
  • Saying that the 3DS or in this case, the New 3DS is awesome. And sometimes repeating the one above this one.

Most of these posts are what you would find yourself if you went into this place.

Post drawings


  • The New 3DS is commonly satirized because of its name.
  • Unlike it's other variants, the New 3DS supports SNES Virtual Console games.
  • Europe and America did not get the New 3DS until 2015 due to Nintendo not being impressed by the few sales, in comparison to Japan and Oceania. [citation needed]
  • The New 3DS has quicker load times than previous models.
  • It is slightly louder than other models.
  • The START and SELECT buttons are now arranged in a similar fashion to the Nintendo DS lite.
  • In Internet Browser, you can now watch some videos in 3D.
  • The videos are in higher quality compared to the original 3DS' YouTube app.
  • It has longer battery life.
  • It does not come with a charger.
  • The 3DS Camera app no longer lags and it can take higher quality photos.
  • Japan, Europe and Australia have a blue New 3DS XL while America had a red one.
  • These systems can access Miiverse while Super Smash Bros. 4 is running. Sadly, westerners (Australians aside) have not gotten the New 3DS before the Screenshot Sharing community opened.
  • On the Internet Browser, tapping on the New 3DS' screen to the Super Mario Bros. theme unlocks a Breakout clone (and not the first one from Nintendo).
  • It is also possible to develop Unity games for the New 3DS, which was unavaliable with older models.

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