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New Miiverse was a fanmade website created by a user called Brenden (NNID: Smilesgaming2) that was meant to be a place where users of Miiverse could go to after the Miiverse Redesign and the update of 6/24. Around its end, it had about 200+ members.

Users were able to send private messages between each other, post YouTube videos and photos, create events on a calendar that anyone could edit, and most importantly, post to communities.

Unfortunately, it was later taken down due to copyright infringement. It was unknown who exactly filed against the website, but some assume it was Nintendo.

After the site was taken down, another New Miiverse site was created by a different person who went under the alias "Clos". The site is currently inactive, but you can view it here.


The communities were separated into popular ones, main ones and the sub communities. The important communities host a community for New Miiverse updates and also a FAQ community.

The main communities are the Smashers community and the YouTube Community, where people of those groups can post in.

Finally, there's the sub communities, which feature a variety of other communities such as the amiibo community, a Creepypasta community, Five Nights at Freddy's, Hotel Bigley and more.

Code of Conduct

Unlike Miiverse, the code of conduct on New Miiverse is less strict. There are no posting limits or delays, so you can feel free to post as many times as you'd like, as long as it's not spamming. Of course, you may not bully members, and you should respect opinions. Posting links is allowed, however, they should not direct to any inappropriate content (Violence, sexual content, racist content, etc.) You are able to post your Nintendo Network IDs and Friend Codes. Miiverse Dating isn't allowed, and while using profanity is allowed, you are not allowed to use certain words that may offend people or are used to bully people.

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