The New Dred Army was a Miiverse clan lead by RighanRed that was a major part in The Great Dred War. The NDA worked to stop groups such as the LoMM, The SP Clan, The Guardians of Miiverse, and ***** look-a-likes from disrupting the controlled chaos of Miiverse. Despite being a Smasher-formed group, the NDA strove to rid Miiverse of memes and trolls.


After the war between the Dark Side and the Dred Side came to an end, Righan established the NDA on what few users were left from the Dred Side. RighanRed was unanimously voted as Leader, and he led his army in an attempt to stomp out Miiverse trollarchy and Shrekism.

In the Modern Era

Soon after the collapse of the SP Clan, RighanRed resigned as leader and left the NDA as a whole. I.S.H. was named Leader after this. The clan was mainly inactive during this time, and eventually became completely inactive.

Failed Revival

On 11/16/14 RighanRed announced that the NDA is returning. Unfortunately, recruitment did not go well, and as such the revival effectively failed.

Red's notice of the Revival.

Supreme Dred Army

When war was declared between the Hylians and the Smashers, RighanRed gave control of the NDA to Dr. James and immediately regretted it.

James renamed the New Dred Army into the Supreme Dred Army, taking back all humbility in it. The SDA also worked with Cold Midna, so Righan tried to get it back but clearly failed. The SDA did many controversial things with the supposed "enemies" of the Smashers.


Each member of the NDA was required to wear black shirts and red sunglasses to signify the blend of Darkness and Red. This was due to the peace treaty that was recently made between the Dark Trolls and the Red Army.


Love/Hate Relationship


  • The League of Mini-Mods
  • SP Clan
  • Trolls
  • Spammers
  • Guardians of Miiverse
  • DarkSora
  • Shrek

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