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Nett's current Mii
NNID Current: Ninten Alt
Age 16
Joined January 2014
Community Super Smash Bros Series community
Followers In total: 600-620
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday November 17, 1999
Alts Nett, Spinett, Ninten, Nett and a lot of others.

Nett (Aka Ninten) was a very popular member of the Smash Community.

—Plato, 2014

He was wrong lmaoo.


Nett, or Ninten was known for mainly just drawing Mother characters and criticizing things that most people didn't see to be criticized until he mentioned it.


Ninten had joined Miiverse to talk about Smash Bros. with other Smashers. When he joined Miiverse and realized that wasn't going to be doing what he thought he would be doing while he was there, he decided to just post random stuff like the other users did.

His very first Miiverse post had something to do with Mega Man back in August, 2013.

Few months after the April direct where Greninja and a few other characters were confirmed for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, Ninten started to post things about characters that he wanted in Smash. Originally, it was just Isaac and Mewtwo he wanted back. But for some reason, he drew a picture of Ninten joining the battle in Smash as a joke, but all of a sudden fell in love with that idea. This joke turned into a legitimate wanting for him. He drew tons of drawings of Ninten and an occasional post of Ninten along side with Lucas and Ness. He got his first ban because he got into an argument with someone who bashed on him wanting Mewtwo and Ninten in Smash. At around this time, he had met Plato, a very well-known user who had gotten Ninten a bit more known because of him and Plato being friends.

In the middle of the Summer, when The Bard started doing #MAD, Ninten had agreed that he would participate with him in doing so, knowing that if he got console banned, he would not be able to return like The Bard would 45 more times later in the future. The post he made was forgotten, but gave him his second ban. Ninten joined back the next day and got banned again because this was around the time where Westbounderz were trying to "recruit" him in their childish attempts to bring back the other 2 games of the Mother series into America. Ninten declined, and as a result, the Westbounderz, like the childish kids they were, false reported a lot of his Ninten drawings as Miis designed to look like Pigmasks. He thought it was funny at first, until he was looking at his 3rd, then 4th and finally 5th ban. He had recently left a Smash Bros. clan because of a certain user who he and Plato thought of as over dramatic. She was also involved in the false reports and had admitted to it days before Ninten was console banned. Ninten kept drawing the #NintenForSmash drawings, and he kept making friends and enemies, too. His last high-yeah'd drawing was a picture of Giegue saying "I can see the fear in your eyes, Ninten!" and a few days later, he was console banned. September 4th, 2014

Numerous people gave him alts to try and keep him on Miiverse, but it did not work out for him because he kept getting banned. At around the end of May, 2015, his friend from school traded Wii Us with him so he could post Splatoon related things onto Miiverse, but then he decided to check out the memers again and the rest is history.



  • Nett was a very popular and intelligent user of Miiverse, he mostly spent his time drawing Mother related things. He mainly drew Ness. He also probably one of the biggest Mother 1 & 2 fans, he knows pretty much everything about both games..
  • As stated Nett is a very intelligent user, if he does make a worded post it's usually telling the other scrubs on Miiverse off.
  • His best friends on Miiverse were. Plato, Lucas, Lucas (Bias), John, Roxy, Lucina, Travis, Blast, and Derek, Evan and Angelina
  • Sadly he was console banned, for some reason some member's of Miiverse didn't like Nett, and false reported a lot of his post, making him one of the most banned users on Miiverse
  • Nett returned from his month long console ban on October 7th, 2014. He was banned again twice, but luckily, his friend Ryan brought him back But The Alts Ryan made for Nett were all Banned.
  • By The End Of October Nett returned because his friend Travis brought him back but The Alt got banned around November.

Now with all of those outdated trivias out of the way, I would like to say that I thank my friend Seven for trading his Wii U with me. Without that, I wouldn't have been able to see all of my friends from Miiverse again. I'm only staying on Miiverse thru this crappy Miiverse redesign thing only so I can continue speaking to my friends who are there, and Splatoon stuff and drawing Ninten.


Ninten is known for most of his drawings mainly the "Ninten for smash" ones which were pretty repetitive. He also had a few sayings that were gathered from friends such as Plato, Lucas and Travis.

  • "Ninten 4 Smash"
  • "k bi"
  • "PK Fire the admins"
  • "Mewtwo 4 smash"
  • "Isaac 4 smash"
  • "Magicant is bae"
  • "Did you know that I'm a boy?"
  • "Lemon sourd"
  • "Who's that Pokemon posts"
  • "I like grils"