Inkby Mii, his Kirby character.
Age 17
Joined 12/25/12
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 440+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 12/1/1999
Alts PinkStarWarrior (Permanently Banned)

EECHHHH (Permanently Banned) halacondrian123 (Permanently Banned) DesuKirbyDesu (Permanently Banned) Wh1te_1nk (Permanently Banned) Marxolorislife (Active, 3DS only) Octarian Nation (Can't set up Miiverse account after CB'd)

Nasu is a Miiverse user who draws alot and gets banned alot, he enjoys drawing, making OCs and playing Splatoon. He often posted in the Wii Fit U Community , often drawing a character he calls Inkby. He has an unhealthy obsession over the Octarians, and then later Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. After the Miiverse Redesign, Nasu chose to post in the New Super Luigi U Community.


Nasu became a big fan of the game Splatoon, he started drawing fanart of the inklings and octolings on miiverse. He even made his mii into an inkling for awhile, until his changed it to his OC Inkby. Inkby is a character who's a cross between Kirby and an Inkling. Many users thought Inkby was a girl at first, until Nasu told everyone that Inkby was infact a boy.

Nasu is now known as GB or Yoyle and likes Object Shows.


  • "My mom keeps putting her hand on my arm so I bit her."


  • "*Violently makes love to an Octarian*"


  • His favorite series are Kirby and Splatoon.
  • He likes to ship Inkby and a character called Marx
  • He says that he's nonbinary
  • He console banned
  • Nasu revealed later on that he was not a girl, and was a boy. It's stated that he faked his gender over the years.
  • Nasu now has a tumblr and quit miiverse last year. His Tumblr is Slushy-Prince


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