3kgo6yhrsnuk0 normal face
NNID I_iz_so_eevilnot
Age Unknown
Joined 2013
Community New Super Luigi U COmmunity
Followers 200+
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Private
Alts Unknown

NahtevilNahtevil (NNID: I_iz_so_eevilnot) is a user that is supposedly not evil (hence his username). He had more than 200 followers. He is the Nahtatroll from the mirror universe. He was mainly only known on the Smash Bros series community and once the Zelda community can along for the smashers he started to decline and was forgotten.

In 2267, Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise discovered the mirror universe, because of this a portal to our universe was opened in 2013 and Nahtevil came to our universe, bought a Wii U and created the account and began posting things on Miiverse.

Memes started

The first meme he started was the "the last thing Hatty said" meme which describes the last thing Hatty may have said. He also started the Miiverse Gold account meme, where if you did certain tasks your Miiverse account would become a Miiverse gold account and you would be immune to perma bans.

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