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NNID MojoCrazy145
Age Unknown
Joined October of 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 220
System(s) owned SO N3ds

SO Wiiu

Birthday October 16th

N.S.E (short for Not So Epick) is a semi-popular Miiverse user who is most well known for obsessing over Marie from Splatoon, his constant negativity, and occasional trashposting. Despite his claimed status, he's kind of an unknown outside of Panama Club and Google+.


N.S.E first started around October of 2013, shortly after he got his 3DS. He posted in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community under his real name, confused to why people wanted Shrek in Smash 4. His mediocre post quality continued through his 1st Wii U up until he got his 2nd one, where he started to improve. He is currently an inactive user in the New Super Luigi U Community.

His Guide To Semi-Fame

He started to become a tad popular around the time he and Goldsmith were the main people posting in the Panama Club. He actually got his 100th follower from Ginger Ale, another Panama Club user. But, after the Panama Club fell apart after the drama that happened with Ellie (known as Maid at the time), N.S.E began to once again be obscure after he went back to the New Super Luigi U Community instead of joining Banama. During the summer of 2016, he posted about how he hated Marie from Splatoon until he discovered one of the solo songs, Tide Goes Out. This post gained some mild attention and he started posting about Marie constantly, and eventually gained 200 followers


  • He used to be part of a Mario Kart clan called Velocity Xperts.
  • He's one of the few users who play Toontown Rewritten.
  • His favorite video game music is the Jetpack Theme from Crash 2.
  • N.S.E's favorite web series of all time is Inanimate Insanity, and posts about it a lot on Google+.
  • He's a moderator for Google+'s Hall of Infamy.
  • Some people have called him insensitive for his strong opinions about fans of Callie. Though, he says it's because every Callie fan he has met has been self-centered.
  • Despite being sarcastic himself, he hates when other people use sarcasm without knowing what someone's actually saying.
  • N.S.E strongly despises amourshipping, for some reason...
  • His posts usually get about 7 yeahs, but some of his posts have been seen to get around 20 yeahs.
  • N.S.E blames most of his admin notifications on the word filters being complicated.
  • He's basically the least like a Panama Club user out of all of the Panama Club users. As he doesn't post too much about other users or stolen memes, and more about the things he like or what's on his mind.
  • N.S.E's placement as a smasher is confusing. He posted off topic in the Smash Bros Series Community, but was against smashers at the time, and he didn't really post as a smasher until the late months of the Wii Fit U Community, but he went to the YouTube community to post about the redesign, but then he started posting on topic after the redesign, but joined the New Super Luigi U Community after he found out that the smashers were invading that community.
  • He believes that Callie fans are the majority of the Splatoon fanbase and act more aggressive compared to Marie fans, though he also believes it's because he's been around too many Splatoon fans to encounter a lot of them.
  • N.S.E came up with the name for Memepocalypse 2016 and even created the page for it.
  • He has a habit for deleting his own posts whenever he deems them as unnecessary or will get a negative response that he wants to avoid.
  • N.S.E got inspired from a Miiverse artist by the name of Ukato to hopefully make a series involving the daily lives of an Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, an Octoling, Callie, Marie, and even his own Inkling. Nothing else has been said about other ideas for the series, if it even happens.
  • He's a huge fan of Super Bomberman R and DuckTales 2017.