The Flag

N.O.S.E's flag.

The National Outside State of Exuberance or N.O.S.E is a gang on Miiverse which is lead by Nosefuratu. The gang hangs out in the Lola's ABC Party community. The group does not have a goal and they usually talk about noses. Because of this group, the Lola's ABC Party community was more active.


On May 19, 2015, Nosefuratu decided to take over the Lola's ABC Party community for unknown reasons other than the community being abandoned. A few hours after that, he decided to rename the community as "The National Outside State of Exuberance". He promoted this gang to the Wii Fit U community. Many people joined and Nosefuratu was pleased. Many people were now posting in both the Lola's ABC Party community and the Wii Fit U Community. However, after the update of 6/24 , N.O.S.E became much less active, as posts came out every 3-5 days. Nosefuratu, N.O.S.E's leader, wasn't posting very much, either. After the redesign, the gang was officially dead.

Notable Members

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