NNID Wakagoodbiehello
Age 14
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 280
System(s) owned Both
Birthday 28 of october
Alts Unknown

Mu.Meister (Or Music Meister) is a smasher that had many Miis, making him hard to remember for the rest of Smashers. He is the leader of the First Order, with more than 280 members, his Mii before the actual one was José Daniel (His name in real life.) And F.O.Storm.


His first Mii was the default one, but called José, he joined the day after the first smash direct , one month after joining, another miiverse ghost was having problems to the smash community, so he changed his Mii to V of Vendetta (a character from a DC Comics series) and simulated a bomb attack for destroy it, for a few days, he had a small popularity. One month after, he wanted to make a meme , and he changed his mii to Groot , and he only posted "I am Groot", the meme became popular for a week, but Socky became more popular. He was in many events like the invasion to the japanese smash community leaded by trollurai, the two miiverse wars , and a few more things, after those things, he changed his mii to Pac-Man, and he became his default mii for the most of the time . But one day, he thought that he was making too much cosplay, so he finally changed to an IRL Mii in the redesign, due to the perma ban and the change of Miis, he lost the popularity. Now he is F.O.Storm, and after creating the First Order, he wishes that he can win any place in Miiverse history, probably impossible...

Well, he continued changing Miis, and now he's known as the Music Meister (from the Batman:Brave And The Bold episode "Mayhem of the Music Meister"). He usually makes his own versions of the songs from the mentioned Batman episode, but making them related to Miiverse. There are good ones like "Makes Us Cringe" (dedicated to Phantasma), "Trash Post" and "Mii King".

The IHE meme

The 24th of January, F.O.Storm, after reading a comment in the latest IHE video that stayed that no one should be on Youtube the Wednesday, he went fast to Miiverse for ask about the theme, but in his place, everyone talked about the return of his channel, and after a few minutes everyone started changing the meaning of IHE (that is how many people call I Hate Everything)

The Big Report Bomb

The 31th of december, he made a petition for pull Giovanni and Miinion off Miiverse, at first, no one believed the words, but when he had 10 yeahs, he started to false report every post he could made by Miinion and Giovanni, he false reported so much, that maybe he can give them a perma-ban, everyone will see in the first day of january


He likes Marvel and DC Comic books, so of course he likes most of their movies (mostly Ant Man, The Dark Knight and Captain America: The Winter Soldier), except bad ones like Poop Man 3 (a.k.a how to ruin Iron Man 101), Batman And Robin or Superman IV. He hates anime because of a personal childhood problem with one of them, so don't try to force him to see an anime (Except Heidi or similar). He's also a collector, he has some Amiibos like Rosalina (in one of his most luckily days), Kirby (the most hard to find in Spain) and Yarn Yoshi. He also likes LEGO (the plural doesn't have "s"), in special the ones of DC, Marvel and Star Wars [he hates the fact that LEGO Dimensions wasn't released on Spain, but now he's hyped because it got released(Yay!)]. He also likes sports, he mostly goes to walk 9km around the beach and play soccer with their friends. In conclussion, he likes and hates a lot of things.

On Le Miiverse Resource

He has an account on this site, he usually tries to share his opinions while respecting other's on the chat and the off-topic bar, he tries his best to edit some pages (but actually he's very inactive due to some things IRL) and help with others' problems (or at least tries to do something). He also tries to find the good side of the things. Normally the wiki in general sees him with cringe, but he doesn't care. You can find him here


  • He is spanish, but he doesn't use a translator for speak english, making it a topic sometimes.
  • In his first account he had more than 680 followers, of course, it took 2 years to have that number.
  • This page was created by him.
  • Believe it or not, The Bard approved one time one of his drawings, for the eyes of the characters, it was when he was Groot.
  • Speaking of drawings, he draws bad in miiverse, but in paper, he draws way better.
  • He's TR-8R.
  • Sometimes he can look like a bad person, but he's a nice person, it's just that he has problems for speak 'cause he thinks too fast before posting.
  • His favourite user on Miiverse is Trollurai.
  • He actually knows that the wiki sees him cringe-worthy, but actually, he still acts like that just for make drama more interesting.

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