Mr. Left
Mr. Left Mii
NNID NotMr.Right
Age 21
Joined September 23rd, 2013
Community Pixel Paint Community
Followers 2,041
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday January 19
Alts StillNotMrRight


—Something Mr. Left uses alot.
Normal Prinny

A Prinny!!!!!!!

Mr. Left is a popular Miiverse user who joined around September 23rd, 2013. He is usually seen drawing on the Super Smash Bros. Community. He is part of the 'Mr. Family' along with Mr. Right, Mr. Up, Mr. Down (R.I.P.) & Mr. Fact. Unlike the other 'Misters', however, he is a famous pixel artist.

Mr. Left has an obsession with Prinnies.

Current Accounts

His current ID is NotMr.Right. Mr. Left also has an alt account for non-art purposes and just for making regular posts, this account is called Angry Left as well with the ID of StillNotMrRight. Unknown to many, Mr. Left also has two more hidden accounts that no one knows about. One is his original account, named after his old high-school nickname, and the other is named after a certain occupation that nobody appreciates.


Mr. Left originally joined Miiverse sometime after Mr. Right was banned and he was not a pixel artist. He started out as a "Constructive Troll", playing off the Mr. Right bandwagon to see how many people would persecute him just because he looked like Mr. Right. Later on, he became an artist of some sort.

Left's Relationship with Bigley

When Mr. Left first saw Bigley, he thought it was a cheap meme. But, as time went on, he grew to appreciate and like Bigley. He found that Bigley was more than a cheap meme, that he was truly a part of his life now. As a result, Left gets very offended if anyone even remotely insults Bigley in a major way, going so far as to risk being banned to protect Bigley.

Second Best Thing After Bigley


The picture in question.

After Bigley, the second best thing in the world is a picture of Zubat drinking coffee. While it is unknown why Left enjoys this picture so much, it is known that he had thoughts of leaving Smashy Club after they took this picture off of their emoticon list, and shunned it. However, instead of leaving, Left instead drew a remembrance picture for it here.

Notable Stuff He Drew

Shout Outs

Mr. Left has given a bunch of random artists he enjoys a shout out. Here's all of them so far.

Some artists may be banned.


  • Mr. Left likes the smell of gasoline but isn't a pyromaniac. Seriously, the stuff just smells good, he doesn't know why.
  • Cats are the best thing next to Prinnies after Bigley and Zubat Drinking Coffee.
  • Before Miiverse, all he drew was stick figures.
  • It took him five days to draw his first sprite drawing.
  • Mr. Left isn't his first account.
  • Kirby is the easiest thing to draw always and forever.

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