Mr. Grab
1n1gg8rcw9xvg normal face
NNID I_Am_Grabby_XL
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS
Followers 100+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Grabtastic_Boi

I'm going to grab you!

—Mr. Grab

Mr. Grab is a twisted Miiverse user who is obsessed with grabbing people. Almost all of his posts are about grabbing and grabbing-related things. He mostly meanders around the Super Smash Bros. Community sexually harassing users and occasionally starts small panics.

The Great Grabbing of 2014

One average day, Mr. Grab began harassing a few popular Smashers. Users like Sheepy, Alyssa, Sarge, and Undead for example.

Many people began panicking and talking about Mr. Grab, as if he was doing something wrong. Mr. Grab viciously grabbed dozens of Smashers that day and ended up getting married to Sheepalicious McBigButt in the process. He got banned for being very suggestive and sexual. Many people were left violated and scared by him that day.

Mr. Grab, the King of Miiverse


A drawing of Mr. Grab by Sarge

After the downfall of Scarf Heroes, Mr. Grab declared himself to be King of Miiverse. Everyone cheered and praised him, glad to be rid of Alyssa's tyranny. Unfortunately, he was banned later that day for, once again, being very sexual and perverted. It was a day to be forgotten.


  • "Bend over and let me grab you!"
  • "Gabi? More like Grabme!"
  • "Looks like someone needs a good grabbing!"
  • "The admins won't stop me from grabbing small children!"
  • "Why are school buses so fast now? I can hardly keep up with them on my bike!"
  • "With Shrek as my witness, I'll grab every last one of you to oblivion!"


Tumblr ng3cku34oe1tpt3rvo1 540

This is one of the posts that somehow made it to Tumblr

Mr. Grab's inspirational posts made their way to Tumblr, where people could laugh at him for being the way he is. Many Tumblr users were left wondering why Miiverse hadn't been shut down because of "Fuckboys" like him.


  • He likes to grab people.
  • He worships Shrek and Bigley.
  • He loves it when people try to resist.
  • He also married Gabi.
  • His fingers are roughly six-seven inches long.
  • He is a Muslim.
  • Mr. Grab actually exists in real life, and is outside your house right now.

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