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His Mii.
NNID Pixelartislife
Age 14
Joined September 28, 2013
Community YouTube Community

New Super Luigi. U Community

Followers 2451
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday 9/27/01
Alts Mr.!

Mr.Pixel (NNID: Pixelartislife) is a user that mostly posts on the Youtube Community, but he mostly comments on the New Super Luigi U Community. He makes pixel art, but rarely posts. But when he does his average of Yeahs are 900. He states that reason he doesn't post that much is due to the fact that he doesn't have enough time. He is also Yeahbomber and frequently used to yeah bomb the Wii Fit U community, which some users dislike him for. It's likely he yeah bombs users in the New Super Luigi U Community now, since the Miiverse redesign caused most users to move there.


Joined Miiverse on September 28, 2013, he quit but then rejoined on March 29, 2015. 

When he joined first, his art wasn't considered very good by many Miiverse users. He wasn't able to draw at all, and he was often made fun of by better users. He finally quit when he was permanently banned from false-reporters. He rejoined when his friends got a Wii U. His friend DrawerBot that had the Wii U since it's launch, taught him how to do pixel art. When he made his 1st post, he found out that Wii Fit U Community was popular, so he decided to post there. His first post was a Pixel art of a Me Gusta face saying, "I'll ride her like Yoshi". The post was quickly deleted. In response to this me made a Pixel art of a Troll face and put a arrow mark pointing toward it saying, "Admin". This is when he finally getting Yeahs and followers.

During when the user Tony was accused of false-reporting Floyd, Mr.Pixel invented the Miiverse Court.



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