NNID Alpinca
Age 21
Joined 11/18/13
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 728
System(s) owned Wii U

System in the Nintendo 3DS Family

Birthday 3/11
Alts NotMorrisAtAll
Morris (NNID: Alpinca) is an artist on Miiverse, who isn't particularly known. While drawing on occasion on Miiverse, Morris had never put a considerable amount of effort in his drawn posts until 7/23/2014, with a Bikini Day post of the female default avatar from Fire Emblem: Awakening (also known as female Robin). While not putting a lot of effort in all of his drawings (like the dot-eyed version of himself), his drawings after this Bikini Day post have been considerably more serious.

He has an alt, the NNID being: NotMorrisAtAll.


Morris first started using Miiverse on 11/18/2013, with an ontopic post in the Super Smash Bros. Series community about characters he was hoping to see included in the 4th installment of the series, including Toon Ganondorf, Rosalina and WHY ISN'T YOSHI CONFIRMED YET).

Assist Trophy of the Day

Soon after, he started Assist Trophy Idea of the Day, in which he suggested a character for an Assist Trophy and how they would work (with is first entry being Ravio from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds). However, after his 36th entry, Morris got into an argument with people who didn't like him for giving reasons why Shadow the Hedgehog would be an unlikely character to be in the Smash roster, resulting Morris' posts being falsely reported and Morris being banned for two weeks. Because he wanted his daily thing to continue, he asked his real-life friend Lucy (NNID: Lady_Freckles) to make an account and post future entries in his stead.

When his ban had been lifted, Morris continued to post the Assist Trophy Idea of the Day posts himself from the 51st entry. However, the posts had gotten more attention on Lucy's account, so they decided to collaborate on the ideas and have Lucy post them on the Super Smash Bros. Series community.

Taking a break

After that, Morris didn't have many noticeable posts. The amount of followers stayed stable at about 40 followers. It wasn't before the aforementioned Bikini Day post that this would change. Although by a little, the amount of followers increased. But Morris soon decided to take a break from Miiverse to focus on his education and other offline business. He was seen posting occasionally, but his posts were quick doodles or screenshots of games he was playing on either his 3DS or Wii U.

Returning to Miiverse

In early November 2014, Morris' friend Lucy was hospitalized and asked him to keep her close Miiverse friends up-to-date about any development. Agreeing on this, Morris returned to Miiverse and started posting regularly while waiting for some of Lucy's friends to come online so he could tell them.

After Lucy passing away on the 18th of December, 2014, Morris notified all of Lucy's followers by making a post about it on her account, as he had promised Lucy weeks prior to her passing. He's also made a post about it on his own account. This tragic event, however, resulted in Morris staying on Miiverse.

Morris returned to drawing posts with more time and effort put into them. He's taken part of various events at the Wii Fit U community, like the everlasting Bikini Day, Miiverse After Dark and (while always uncredited) introduced Maid Monday together with Roy to the WFU community.

Morris has been banned a second time, due to admins disliking his Miiverse After Dark posts.


  • His current Mii, the dot-eyed one, was made by his friend Lucy. Apart from changing the color of the shirt a couple of times, he didn't change the Mii and kept using it to honor his friend.
  • Although many users think Roy is the one who came up with the Maid Monday fad, it all came into existence after Morris posted this drawing of Lynlee (Xenoblade Chronicles: X) in a maid outfit, after which Roy and he made up Maid Monday on a post made by Roy.
  • Not many of his posts reach 100 yeahs. His Miiverse 64 post, however, has reached over 700 yeahs and is the only post by him ever to get that many yeahs.
  • He has a DeviantArt account.

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