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NNID Morimoto00 (deleted)

MorimotoIsBack (active, main)

Age Unknown
Joined February 2015
Community New Super Luigi U Community

Wii Sports Club communties

Aomori Club

Followers 323 (MorimotoIsBack)
System(s) owned 3DS SO N3ds

Wii U SO Wiiu

Birthday Unknown
Alts MoriReturns (inactive)


Morimoto is a user who usually posts in the New Super Luigi U Community. He hates Miiverse updates to the point of hating people who like the updates. He got false reported by X-min. He thought it was a guy named zoobaby10 who banned him, because he was the original poster. But he said otherwise. He is now part of ULTRAstarX's clan. And also Xavier(xavierprior)'s clan. Morimoto's waifu is Lucina.

He is also the leader of the Miiverse Liberation Army, located in Aomori Club. He also posts Polish stuff in the Poland Club.

He protests in the Miiverse Announcements, and to a lesser extent, Play Nintendo. (if Tom or any other verified users post)

Right now, Morimoto just posts in the New Super Luigi U community, sometimes in Panama, but also in his Wii Sports Club communities.

He does not use Miiverse that often, but you can find his Youtube channel here. He has 13,500+ subscribers.

You can find him on LMR here.


  • Nintendo
  • Youtube Poop
  • Monster Hunter
  • Splatoon
  • Steven Universe


  • Nintendo NX (he REALLY hates it)
  • Unfair stuff in Splatoon Ranked battle
  • Fanboys
  • Rumors (especially about the NX)
  • People conquering his Wii Sports Club communities (unless they agree to his agreements, also there are some exceptions)
  • Demoting to C for the 10th time or whatever (he is not THAT bad, he is now currently A+)
  • The 30 post limit
  • Mariotehplumber
  • Word Replacement Format ("X but Y replaced with Z")



The NNID Morimoto00 was created last April-May 2015. He posted offtopic stuff in the Wii Fit U community.

He started using Miiverse last February 2015, drawing on-topic stuff in the Pokémon ORAS community. His first NNID (not Morimoto00) is a secret and has been deleted, because it contained his first name. He also checked out the Youtube community for a little while. He used to draw various Pokemon drawings and stuff.

While he got banned, he decided to delete his NNID and make a new account. But apparently the update of 6/24 affects that as well, so he had to format his 3DS, to make yet another NNID. His other NNID was used for his WSC claims, until a secret update suspended delinked NNIDs.

Currently Morimoto has 23 admin notifs, 19 of them are consecutive off-topic notifs. He is not banned yet, but he knows that one more, and he gets banned.

He led the protests last 3/10/16 when Tom posted after a time of inactivity.

He got banned last 4/9 for mentioning Donald Trump's products. He got unbanned, but then his main got banned last 4/17/16.

Japan Wii Sports Club communities

Takeover of Japan (12/10/15 - 1/15/16)

Morimoto took control of most of Japan. It is unknown if Morimoto plans to unite all of Japan under his rule. Aomori Club is the base of Morimoto's clan. Mormoto started the process of uniting Japan under his rule, since 12/10/15. As of 1/15/16, Morimoto rules over 46 out of 47 clubs.

He has continuously exerted his control over the clubs. He also protects Anthony's club, the Tochigi Club.

Ehime Club Dispute (2/10/16 - 3/11/16)

On 2/10/16, a user named Tasha made a claim to Ehime Club, followed by Splat(Con). Ehime Club is a community which has been ruled by Morimoto. He made an agreement, but the other users did not accept. Then Morimoto claimed it again after the club became inactive.

Kagoshima Club Dispute (7/13/16 - )

The {PA} clan claimed this club. Apparently they have said that they also claim one other Japanese community according to a post in Arkansas.

European Wii Sports Club communities

Morimoto at first seemed skeptical about conquering the European clubs, knowing how the admins there are the strictest. But he did anyway, and conquered almost all of the clubs.

Second Ireland Club Uprising/Dispute (12/2/15 - 2/15/16)

Morimoto decided with Eggmanland's help to conquer Ireland, which was dormant for quite some time. Then out of nowhere, some users came back to claim it. Morimoto has regained control. Then Eoin came back and argued that the club is for the Irish. He has also started a pro-Irish nationalistic revolt against Morimoto. Currently Freege is fighting them down.

Then, on 1/7/15, Phantasma and her clan took the Ireland Club. Morimoto and Freege eventually agreed with her to share the community. Then the Irish users took notice. As of 2/1/16, Ireland Club has not seen any severe conflicts, but, on 2/11/16, two more users barged in and claimed it. It seems that the dispute has finally been settled, since the treaty last 2/15/16.

Claimants included Freege-Morimoto/Phantasma and Eoin/Irish users.
1w3ja8bowor9x normal face

The redesign

His post made it to Erika's redesign announcement. It got more than 750 Yeahs before being buried in the "View Older Comments" tab.

He protested mostly in the WFU community and other communities, but it has gone to a whole new level when Erika announced that the redesign will happen on July 29.

He also posted in zoobaby10's update-defending post. He got banned on that same day.

Morimoto made similar comments in Henrai's post, but didn't get banned. Maybe it's because of Henrai deleting his post.

Miiverse Liberation Army

Morimoto formed the Miiverse Liberation Army last October when the Youtube Community Split up happened. He had initially gained a lot of followers (mostly French).
He had gained a lot of supporters when he made the "Users of Miiverse unite!" post in Erika's redesign announcement. He had plans to protest on 7/26/15, but unfortunately, he was falserepoted on that same day. He was going to join the other users in the Invasion of Netflix.

The goal of the MLA is to raise awareness of the truth of Miiverse, such as the tyrannical admins and the strict rules and bans, to the on-topic user.


  • WVW69iyo4Uk qAd-pl
    "Users of Miiverse, unite!"
  • "Arise, the victims of banning, arise the victims of false bans, ..." -His Miiverse Anthem
  • "Miiverse = North Korea"
  • #DemocracyforMiiverse
  • "The YTC is the epitome of freedom of speech, with the other offtopic users"
  • "Cette mise à jour est contre liberté d'expression!"
  • "MINE" (he says this a lot)



Giga Gamby.

  • Giga Gamby noticed him.
  • He has a New Miiverse account (Morimoto).
  • He tried to make Henrai a meme, but failed.
  • He is a C+ in the Miiverse Tier.
  • He has an obsession with conquering Wii Sports Club communities.
  • He started the "Japanese and European colonization" of Wii Sports Club communities, and maintains his right to own said communities.
  • He made a Miiverse clan called the "Miiverse Liberation Army."
  • He made 3 Miiverse anthems, one based on the Internationale, one based on the Russian anthem, and the Star Spangled Banner.
  • He used the French anthem and the French Internationale as rally songs.
  • He got 23 consecutive admin warnings for being off-topic in Erika's YTC split announcement, but he did not get banned.
  • His clan got many French recruits from his bilingual protests in Erika's YTC Split announcement.
  • Most of his bilingual protests got deleted by the admins, except for a quote by Iwata concerning freedom of speech and a drawing.
  • He is a successful YouTube Pooper, and he has made Miiverse videos. Here:
  • He currently has more than 5,500 subs in his Youtube channel.
  • The user Anthony gave him most of his Wii Sports Club communities . 
  • He REALLY hates the Nintendo NX.
  • He might quit Nintendo if NX gets released on 2016.
  • He really likes the character Snake.
  • He also wants a PS4 and is saving money. He is saving for a Nintendo Switch.
  • His alt was not the real I Hate Everything, even though it had a IHE mii.
  • He became notorious for the "MINE" posts seen in many Wii Sports Club communities.
  • He hates Mariotehplumber.
  • A Polish user noticed his Polish posts in the Poland Club.
  • He got featured at numerous Miiverse is Hell streams.
  • Miiverse built up his liberal democratic ideology.

Conquered Communities

Morimoto owns all of the Japanese clubs, a majority of the European clubs, with the rest owned by Freege, and a handful of the American clubs. He has also attempted to own the Japanese Rail Sim community. He still owns them.

He plans to conquer as much communities as possible before the end of Miiverse.

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