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Modestgame mii

NNID firesowrd60
Age Unknown
Joined 12/15/2013
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers 339
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday November 8th
Alts Unknown
ModestGame is a user on Miiverse with over 300 followers. ModestGame makes off-topic posts in the Wii Fit U Community, and he also makes occasional drawings on Miiverse. He is mainly off-topic, but he will sometimes post screenshots of Smash Bros for 3DS, but he mostly posts pixel art in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Community. He has somewhat of an interest for pineapples, as he will randomly post about them. He also made Tomodachi Life shippings which made their way to the popular posts. All of them have to do with Miiverse users such as Floyd, Travis, and Just_Ethan. He has also been permanently banned

His favorite post on miiverse is a drawing of pong with 118 yeahs.

  • Floyd x Travis
  • Floyd x Omega
  • Go to Opps Meryl x floyd is gone

On Le Miiverse Resource

ModestGame joined Le Miiverse Resource on February 10, 2015. The main reason he had joined was to share his friend code with user Travis due to the Friend Code Restriction. After a couple months Modest never used LMR until he had discovered the live chat. At first ModestGame didn't even know how the chat worked. Once he entered the chat he mainly used it for asking people if they wanted to play Super Smash Bros for 3DS or  Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Modestgame's account Pineapple lover234 is only used to trash post and nothing more.

Modest returns

Modest 3ds broke after 2 years due to his 3ds being broken he used LMR more to kill time. On christmas day Modest got a New 3ds XL, and after he set it up he didn't have much to do the only thing he did do was make a new miiverse account and following all the user from before. Modest, has no post on his new account this is mostly because he doesn't know how to make one anymore.


  • "Pineapple r ze best"
  • "LMR = Luigi makes refrigerators"
  • "One day my Pineapple army will destroy you all."
  • "Cristof•¬• X Modest"
  • "Rated E for Every pineapple"
  • "when is the Cristof•¬• Amiibo coming out?"

LMR Quotes

  • "Steven X Axe :^)))))))))))))))))))"
  • "Make me founder already"
  • "Stop being Jewish Fred :^)"
  • "Shitposters start memes -> Meme Posters spread the Memes -> Normal users use the memes"
  • "Yo what is up my dudes"
  • "While you burn in hell, my life will just begin. :^)"

Tiny info

  • He likes Earthbound, Pokemon, Smash, and Zelda. 
  • He likes pineapples.
  • Modest will always remember Jack&Jill  in another Way.
  • He's basically the only one who edits this page.
  • He's apparently married to Cristof.
  • His 3ds broke and lasted for 2 years while his DS Is 10 years old and still works.
  • He changes his Mii frequently
  • He likes to call himself a "thing" or "it".
  • A " :^) " is a 'Jk' or a 'lel' for him.
  • His trivia list is gonna be longer then Cristof•¬•'s.
  • He used to like Undertale
  • His middle name is densu
  • He sit with the cool kids
  • His LMR account is 1 year old

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