Mmm Whatcha Say
Mmm Whatcha Say
Dear Sister
Dear Sister parody actor who just performed an Mmm Whatcha Say
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Status Alive
Related Memes *Gets shot*
Mmm Whatcha Say is a meme that dates back to 2005, but became popular in 2007 and spread to Miiverse in approximately 2014. It usually follows a tragic or unexpected scene. Contrary to popular belief, the phrase "Mmm whatcha saaaaaayyyy" was not originally from the Jason Derulo song "Whatcha Say", it is from Imogen Heap's song "Hide and Seek", released in 2005.

Meme History

In 2005, a television show named "The O.C.", known for its melodramatic atmosphere, aired its season two finale. The episode's final (and hilarious) scene features characters Trey and Ryan fighting. Another character named Marissa notices this and tells Trey to stop. After he refuses, Marissa shoots him multiple times, with "Hide and Seek"'s chorus "Mmm whatcha say" playing as the shots are being fired. The chorus keeps playing as photos of Trey show up on the screen. The internet found this scene very laughable, and a small meme began. 

Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap Lyrics04:17

Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap Lyrics

Skip to 2:50 for "Mmm whatcha saaaaaayyyy".

It took two years for the meme to really peak, after Saturday Night Live released a skit mimicking The O.C.'s scene with characters randomly shooting each other, coming back to shoot others, etc., with "Mmm whatcha say" playing in the background, of course. The internet practically exploded with "Mmm whatcha say" posts appearing everywhere. This meme has stood the test of time and remained relevant for 8 years and counting, with the SNL skit still being referenced.
The Shooting AKA Dear Sister (SNL Skit)03:41

The Shooting AKA Dear Sister (SNL Skit)

SNL skit "The Shooting", which made the meme incredibly popular.

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