3pzlvvhgmbcdt normal face
NNID TwistedMint (perma'd)
Age 13
Joined June 2015
Community NSLU Community
Followers ~300 around time of permaban
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday September 10
Alts ThatOneMemeGirl Cinnamint

Minty is a Smasher and artist. She joined the Smashers in the Wii Fit U Community in June of 2015.


Minty had joined from the Splatoon Community, but after following Tawaii for his art, she discovered the New Super Luigi U Community. She posts quite often, usually drawing or posting about games that she likes. In December 2015, her main account was permabanned, causing her to post exclusively from her alt. After being grounded for a month, her alt's NNID was deleted, presumably by Nintendo; this caused her account Cinnamints to become her main.

She has a 3DS and a Wii U, but is only able to post from the Wii U due to the 3DS being her brother's.

She plays Mario games, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tomodachi Life and others, but especially loves the Pokémon Series and the Professor Layton series.


  • Minty's husbandos are the Villager from Animal Crossing/Smash Bros. and N from Pokémon.
  • Her waifu is Peridot from Steven Universe.
  • Minty likes Super Mario Galaxy.
  • She has a Le Miiverse Resource account as of January 2016, known as Madam Meme.
  • Minty's Smash mains are Villager, ZSS, Rosalina, and Lucario. She frequently participates in activities revolving around mains.
  • Minty is a fan of video game music, especially from games that were from the 2007-2011 era.

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