11m59xlhqwc9i normal face (1)
NNID AnimeNekoGirl.77
Age 15
Joined Somewhere in 2014
Community Unknown
Followers 405
System(s) owned Unknown
Birthday July 17
Alts Unknown

Miku is a teenage lesser known user who loves Vocaloid and Yoshi. She started out as L7♪»ηεκσ«☆ but changed her Mii to Hatsune Miku. She mainly Posts in the NSLU Community, Also shares the same Gurgling Belly Fetish as Beep-Boop. She has had a total of 3 Wii U Consoles so far, and also has a 3DS Alt. Miku is also a beginning Miiverse artist. Her real name is Catalina,

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