Dkl8a5aa6wws normal face
His Mii
NNID MikeysID (permabanned)
Age 15
Joined December 25th, 2012
Community YouTube Community
Followers 269
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday March 20th
Alts TheOtherMikeyMan (closed account)

TheThirdsID (closed account)

Mikey is a semi popular user in the YouTube community.  He is one of the only users who posts frequently and has a YouTube account. Mikey is well-liked by several users. As of May 16, 2015, his main account is permanently banned. He also had a series called "Admin Saturday" that started on February 1st, 2014, and ended on July 25th, 2015.

His YouTube channel can be found here: He plans, like many users, to leave on July 29th, 2015, but not entirely.



  • Mikey joined Miiverse when he was 11.
  • Despite getting a lot of admin notifications, Mikey's 1st account was permabanned 3 years after its making.
  • His posts get around 30 yeahs, despite him only having 266 followers.
  • He hates admin lovers.
  • He hates Miiverse daters.
  • He has a cat named Charlie, who is the most awesome cat in the world according to him.
  • He has used Miiverse 10,000+ times.
  • He has an account that he has kept secret for awhile. The NNID to it is BlankNothing
  • Hates fanboys.
  • His favorite video game series is Legend of Zelda.
  • He also likes the MOTHER (EarthBound) series.
  • He used to like OriginalBloodAce, but he quit supporting him after OBA's video about Ryu in Smash Bros.
  • His favorite genre of music is rock.
  • His favorite band of all-time is Pink Floyd.
  • His favorite console is the GameCube.

The Early Days (2012-2013)

Mikey got his Wii U on Christmas of 2012. He started out in the New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land communities.

He mostly posted screenshots at the time.

It wasn't until September of 2013 when he started posting on the YouTube community. He also started doing what he is best known for doing, ranting about things he doesn't like.

2014 (Admins, Bans, YouTube)

In January of 2014, Mikey was starting to get noticed. He made some friends. This was a new experience for him, he never had online friends before, so this made him happy.

In February of 2014, he made a troll post saying the Xbox One is better than the N64. Everyone knew it was a joke, except one person. The person successfully had the post removed for "hateful and/or bullying content."

That inspired Mikey to make a series called "Admin Saturday." It was a series of posts he did every Saturday asking other users to share any bad or ridiculous experience they had with the administrators.

In June of 2014, Mikey decided to show off his deleted posts on YouTube. Shortly after, in July of 2014, his main account received a two week ban. He says he was given no reason as to why he was banned.

Fast forward to September of 2014, after receiving a lot of admin notifications during the Summer, he received a second two week ban. This time he gave a shout out to a friend that gave him an idea for a post, and it was taken down for personal information. The admins did end up apologizing for this, which he says it felt like he was in a dream when he first read the admin notification.

For the remainder of 2014 Mikey did get a few more reports, but they were really once in a month occurrences.

Mikey continued to make more videos on YouTube, he seemed to start enjoying doing them.

2015 (More of the Admins, More Bans, Permanently Banned, Breaks, and Finally Leaving Miiverse)

The beginning of 2015 on Miiverse was pretty calm for Mikey, he wasn't bothered by the admins. Until late January, he started getting a lot of notifications throughout February and March.

His main account received its first ban of the year in late March, and his ALT was banned hours later for saying another person was impersonating him on YouTube. Being frustrated, he decided to take a two week long break from Miiverse.

The Admins did return, and they permanently banned him on May of 2015. Surprisingly, this didn't really bother him. He says he wasn't upset because he saw it coming. He had over 600 followers on his main before it was permabanned. A week later, they banned his second account. Being fed up with the admins, Mikey took a month long break. He said he felt much more refreshed after taking a break from it.

He did return in late June of 2015, but shortly after he came back the Miiverse redesign was announced. Mikey said he will leave when the redesign comes. He also said he would leave because he was getting bored of Miiverse.

On July 28, 2015, Mikey stuck to his word and left Miiverse. He said he may post screenshots from games every once in awhile, but he is done posting regularly on Miiverse.

He was also banned the same day he left.

From Now On

Mikey now only makes videos on YouTube. He says he enjoys YouTube way more than Miiverse. At this point in time, he has over 600 subscribers and has over 150,000 total views.

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