Miiversepedia, formerly inconsistently referred to as Miiverse Wiki, is a wiki created by Technickal, also known as Nick or technickal1 on Miiverse. He created it because he doesn't like our "word choice" and believes that this wiki is too subjective. The wiki aims to take itself more serious than LMR. The wiki currently has 41 active users and 128 articles.

There has also been a big conflict between LMR and Miiversepedia, when Miiversepedia used the "selfie" images that LMR users had uploaded without previous request.

Although at first many LMR users hated on it, later they started joining. Now Miiversepedia and us coexist in a way.

Miiversepedia originally planned to shut down and merge with Le Miiverse Resource now that LMR is cleaned of bias but now it is still active in separate under new, but controversial, ruler ship by Digit. (Note: this ruler ship only happened temporarily. However, Digit has been called the "co-owner" of Miiversepedia by Technickal.)

Miiversepedia has not been very active as of recently, and usually only gets one edit every once in a while.

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