The Miiverse Watch is a group of 5 users who all have anonymous Miis. Each of them having the following code names: Stalker, Observer, Chaser, Bystander, and Crawler.

Their Mii's (this is what you get when your mii is hidden)

They are lead by the user Stalker. The group has quietened down and isn't very active. The member observer made a website called "Miiverse Boards" ( to talk about Miiverse and join one of 3 factions and has been too busy managing it. The two still stalk on the site.


The Miiverse Watch was first established 8/15/2015 on Observer's post

The first major post of The Miiverse Watch was depicting them after a bank robbery. Written on the bottom left and right of the drawing are the letters

FGEQFG  VQ  LQKP.  Only the user Lenny has been able to solve this code.

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