Miiverse Monster Mansion



Community Type Special
Launch Date Unknown
Special Attributes Unknown
Community console WiiU3DSPlatform
Game Genre Unknown
Related Communities Unknown

The Miiverse Monster Mansion was a community Nintendo opened for the month of October to get Miiverse into the Halloween spirit. Only Tom and Amy are able post there, but normal users can comment on their posts. They would arrange events and polls for kids, similar to Camp Miiverse, but with spooky themes. The community was later shut down.


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Miiverse Monster-a-thon

On October 23, 2015, the sequel to Miiverse Monster Mansion was opened. This time, it was called "Miiverse Monster-a-thon". Instead of it being a seprate community, it was hosted in the Play Nintendo Community. Just like Monster Mansion, they made events for kids. For example, one event was about making a spooky level in Super Mario Maker and another one to make a scary home in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Special Communities
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