Miiverse Memories is a popular hashtag used on Miiverse, that related to a funny or entertaining incident that happened on Miiverse a long time ago. It's very popular in off-topic communities, such as Wii Fit U Community and is used by users that have normally been active on Miiverse for a longer time. #MiiverseMemories is quite relatable, and is a good way to invoke nostalgia.

It had become more popular when the Miiverse Redesign was rumored to be on July 10th, 2015. The rumored release date was false. On July 26th - July 28th it was once again popular as the real Miiverse Redesign release was approaching on July 29th. Another hashtag was made before the Miiverse Redesign which was #FinalSmash.


Miiverse Memories

Example of #MiiverseMemories

  • "Remember when there was no two minute rule? #MiiverseMemories"
  • "Remember when we thought Chrom would be in? #MiiverseMemories"
  • "Remember _____? #MiiverseMemories"

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