On November 19th, 2012 a user accidentally found the Miiverse Debug Menu.

Wiiu debug 01

A part of the Miiverse Debug Menu.

WiiU screenshot TV 013DD

Web capture by Kurisu at

It contained things such as screens for things like Profile Comments or Friends List. However, after a little bit of looking through this mysterious menu, some people began seeing some odd stuff, but nothing particularly scary.


Shortly after the Wii U's release, a NeoGAF user by the name of Trike made a post claiming he accidentally found Miiverse's debug menu while he was trying to set up his Friend List. He includes that he has found some interesting stuff such as Miiverse's prototype, regenerate passwords, view other user's private messages, delete other user's accounts, and possibly the ability to delete Admins. The text below comes from Trike's post.

"Well, I was messing around in Miiverse trying to find out how the hell to do the initial set-up of my friends list to no avail. In doing so I accidentally found the “debug” menu on Miiverse. At first I thought, “Hey, neat!” thinking it was just a legit secret or something. I can even access something with the name “prototype” that seems to be the actual prototype Miiverse in Japanese. Apparently John Lennon is still alive and is posting on the Japanese Miiverse. Most buttons that I tried don’t work (Acid_Test?) so I thought, hay, maybe GAF could have fun with this or translate it. That is when I found the admin list.

At first it asked me to sign in, because my login information didn't match. Then I pressed a button and it sent me to a list of admins anyway. They had buttons in the same row as the names, and I could “regenerate password” or “Delete Admin” or something along those lines. I didn't do it it because I didn't want to risk getting my god damn Wii U banned on day 1."

Mock-up titles for Wii U and 3DS games

2502.miiverse listed games.jpg-610x0

The mock-up titles matched with their related games.


The list of mock-ups.

One of the menus leads to a list of video game titles, a lot of which seem strikingly odd for some. Nintendo has officially listed these titles as "mock-ups", so yes, it's highly possible that these names have no purpose what-so-ever. While these may be mock-ups, this list was full of speculation. Some names match with games already released on the system, while others match up with games either unannounced or released at later dates. These titles are actually from the devkit Miiverse server, where you'd be able see these placeholder communities in action. 
Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 3.46.55 PM

Some equivalents to the titles listed in the debug menu, found while looking through the alternate developer Miiverse server. (The titles were not in this order, they were rearranged by the screenshotter to fit the list above)

Yoshi's Land Wii U (55)

Yoshi's Land Wii U was discovered shortly after the debug menu was found. This struck many as odd as there were no Yoshi-based games on the Wii U at the time, but there was a Yoshi tech demo for the Wii U that was centered around yarn. The tech demo was dubbed "Yarn Yoshi", not "Yoshi's Land Wii U", but that didn't mean that no one was allowed to speculate whether this supposed "Yoshi's Land Wii U" was actually Yarn Yoshi, and that Yarn Yoshi would be revived as a full game for the Wii U. In 2014, Nintendo announced that a Yoshi game would actually be made exclusively for the Wii U. This game was actually Yarn Yoshi, except it was renamed to Yoshi's Woolly World, and there was a lot more added to the game compared to the tech demo.

Flipnote Studio (100)

Even though there was some speculation about a possible Flipnote Studio being ported to the WiiU, this was probably the placeholder text for Flipnote Studio 3D, which was relased in japan and, as of 1 March, globally. Still, this text existed before the 3DS had Miiverse Compatibility, and the Redesign, for that matter.

Metroid (10)

This unknown Metroid game was also among many of the titles on the Debug Menu. Little to nothing is known about this game aside from the fact that it has not been shown to the public, and there is no proof that this game exists. There aren't even leaked screenshots from this mysterious Metroid game. The only Metroid games on the Wii U that have Miiverse communities at the moment are Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission, and Metroid Fusion (All of them are for Virtual Console), so it could've been intended to be for one of these games.

Donkey Kong (20)

Another untitled entry in a long running series, not much was speculated or known about this game. It's a possibility that this could have been intended for a future Wii U Donkey Kong game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in particular. If not, then it would've clearly been intended for the several Donkey Kong games on Virtual Console, including Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong Country, and many more that would've came around later in the future.


Chasing my dreams like a boss. Problem? dB

—Brad Pit, one of the three admins with a name.

Among many menus in this quite interesting section of Nintendo's social network, is text that reads "Delete_Admin". Of course, this led many to think that they could delete the Administration, and seeing the amount of users being banned each day, this could come in handy. Not to mention, the Admins have their own names and even exchange messages with each other that are otherwise kept secret to everyone on Miiverse. The names of the Admins are Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Scott.


After a while of many people going through the debug menu of Miiverse, the debug menu was disabled from the Wii U. When this was revealed, Trike says that he made his way into Miiverse's debug menu by hitting the X button while hovering above Miiverse's exit button. Of course, this can't be done now that Nintendo blocked access to the debug menu from the Wii U. Nintendo most likely kept this in mind when making Miiverse for 3DS, so users cannot access the 3DS version of Miiverse's debug menu.

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