Allan & Nicole A Miiverse Romantic Tragedy in One Act14:03

Allan & Nicole A Miiverse Romantic Tragedy in One Act

Miiverse Dating (also known as MiiHarmony) is when two users on Miiverse decide to get into a relationship. Sometimes this can go into a long-term relationship, but most of the time, a relationship on Miiverse ends quickly. In the end, dating on a social media site like Miiverse just doesn't work

Something similar to this, and often done by Miiverse daters, is the "Rate me!" posts. The occasional female (rarely male) user (again, often oork. Users that are looking for love are commonly found on the YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu communities. They are a large target for Trolls, who often pretend to be interested in a relationship.n the YouTube community), asks for people to tell him/her/them how pretty they look, often from a scale of 1 to 10. The poster is mosa young tees well. 

The most recognized Miiverst commonly a child, or e "couple" is Allan and Nicole. It didn't last very long, but their conversations were recorded and placed on the web, which is where the two gained their popularity. Another popular couple is Jacksonhas dated users as young as seven years old and said she would even date a ghost, making her bnager. There are a few honest people that will kindly share their opinion on the user's Mii (there isn't anything else to see), but as expected, the majority of the responses are from trolls. These users also look for dates aoth a paedophile and a necrophile. As of June 11, 2015, Sherrie's first account was banned, but she made another called Sherrie540 (NNID: JEFFRES), which was banned as well. and Lexie. They were involved in "A Typical Miiverse Relationship 4" where their conversation was recorded to YouTube with some comedy and music.

Another highly recognized Miiverse dater is Sherrie (NNID: Netger20), who has "Dated" around five guys on Miiverse. Sherrie claims to be a 22-year-old woman, however, this is rather hard to believe due to her bad grammar. She will date just about anyone. She (Um, what was gonna be there)

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