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Date of launch November 18th, 2012 (Wii U)

April 23rd, 2013 (Web Version)

December 10th, 2013 (3DS Version)


Miiverse was a social networking site made by Nintendo. It is available via Wii U, systems in the 3DS family, PCs, and mobile devices. On Miiverse, users can talk about Wii U and 3DS games they like with other fans around the world. To join the site, a Nintendo Network Account was required, which can only be made on a Wii U or 3DS.

Miiverse was first shown off during E3 2012, showing off early versions of the Miiverse communities and WaraWara Plaza. Miiverse was later launched the alongside the Wii U on November 22nd, 2012. Nintendo eventually made Miiverse available on other devices such as PC, 3DS, tablets, and smartphones. Miiverse offically shut down on November 8, 2017.

Nintendo Wii U In Action - Zombies Skit - Nintendo E3 2012

Nintendo Wii U In Action - Zombies Skit - Nintendo E3 2012


The icon for Miiverse.

Miiverse Features

Miiverse was split into various communities for games like the Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS Community, The Legend of Zelda Series Community, Super Mario 3D World Community, YouTube Community, and New Super Luigi U Community. Every Wii U and 3DS game gets a community. In those communities, Wii U and 3DS users can post about games or draw while yeahing (a.k.a. liking) and commenting on other posts. People can follow other users and have their posts show up in their Activity Feed.


Follows were a feature on Miiverse that allowed you to "follow" someone. When you follow someone, their most recent post would appear in your activity feed.

Follows are generally given because people like their posts, or if they are good friends, or if someone is doing follow for follow.

Some users tend to beg for follows, just like some beg for Yeahs. This is prohibited by the Miiverse Code of Conduct, but this is still common.


Yeahs were the Miiverse version of the Like button of various websites. Some people joke about other people calling it the like button. The Yeah button is a way for users to see if their post(s) are popular or not. They can be unyeahed. Many users also like to Yeah-Bomb users to flood their notifications with yeahs. However, an update was added to Miiverse that gave users the option to remove Yeah notifacations, and Yeah-Bombing has become less frequent.

Way back in Early Miiverse, there was a counter that told you how many yeahs you had in total. Later, it was removed, and it was replaced with a counter that showed all the posts you have ever yeahed, because they were "tidying up Miiverse before the 3DS user can use Miiverse." This brought disappointment to many users. Even today, people comment on Tom and Amy's posts asking for the yeah counter back.


The Wii U and 3DS versions of Miiverse have the option of letting users either make text or handwritten posts, the handwritten feature is popular for drawing on. PC Miiverse only has the option for making text posts.


Miiverse front page

An image showing all of Miiverse's main features, including the user's profile, Activity Feed, favorite communities, and notifications.

In communities, all posts will show up in the order people have posted them, but the posts within the last 3 days that have gotten the most yeahs or comments can show up in popular posts. In addition, posts with screenshots or posts that use one of Miiverse's three tags, Question, Accomplishment, or Impressions, can be viewed on their own. There are other tags within Miiverse, like Players Wanted or Retro, but are only on specific communities. Communities can be favorited so a link to them will be right on the front page.

The Administration System

Users can report any post they want for reasons like being sexually explicit, for advertising, or whatever the Miiverse Code of Conduct says not to post. However, users can report for no reason and the administrators may still delete it and without telling the user whose post was deleted post why. This is referred to as false reporting, and is against the Miiverse Code of Conduct.

Verified Users

If game companies or developers want to post about their game on Miiverse, they can ask Nintendo for their profile to be verified and their posts will show in an Announcements community. This community is featured at all times on the front page. Verified users cannot be reported, but their posts and comments can be removed manually by Nintendo if they disobey the Miiverse Code of Conduct. Due to a verified user named P0tayters replying to his infamous post, he implies that verified users can only post on their own community.

Offline Mode (3DS Miiverse exclusive feature)

Offline mode is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive feature that lets users make handwritten posts while the 3DS is not connected to the internet. Users can save up to three posts at a time. When the online is turned back on, users can post their posts to any Miiverse community, and even post the post as many times as they want. Many Miiverse artists use this feature.

Many 3DS only users use this feature to do pixel art, as if there was an error, they would lose their work, so they use offline mode.

Offline mode


PCVerse is a fan nickname used for the online version of Miiverse accessible from computers and smart devices. It was launched in May 2013, alongside a tablet/phone version.

Notable Aspects

  • Unlike the Wii U version, you can't send personal messages to other users who are on your friends list.
  • Before the redesign, you could only view popular posts in a community if you weren't logged in.
  • Certain devices, such as the Wii, can't view Miiverse on browser, because it was designed exclusively with computers and mobile devices in mind.
  • Unlike the Wii U and 3DS versions, you can't access Miiverse if you are banned unless you sign out. Nintendo was likely trying to avoid people exploiting a ban using JS and posting again.
  • Before the Miiverse Browser Redesign, users using PCverse could not see a user's favorite communities.
  • Since the aformentioned Browser Redesign, Miiverse displays online advertisements.

Miiverse Redesign

As of July 29th, 2015, users can now post about their gaming experiences with the Play Journal. Save their screenshots with the Screenshot Album. Post drawing in the drawing section, and make disscussions with other users with Disscussions.

The October Update

Another update occurred on October 7th, 2015 that completely changed the Miiverse interface on the PC and mobile versions. On the homepage, a screen on the top left slides through randomly selected posts. The activity feed, user page and community button are located at the top and the profile settings, Code of Conduct, etc. is at the top right. Just below is the verified user posts and "featured drawings." This update also added ads to Miiverse.


Example of a userpage


The new menu on PC Miiverse

The user page contains recent play journal entries at the top, recent drawings underneath and open discussions at the very bottom. The user profile is a bit different; there's sections that contain the user's yeahs, play journal entries, all their posts and their screenshot album. You also have to click "read more" if their profile comment is too long. Lastly, underneath their profile picture there's three sections like the old ones that have their friends, followers and following.

Miiverse Profiles

  • Open Discussion: Allows users to view any open discussons the you've posted.
  • Following: Shows all the

Miiverse users can change the their profile settings by clicking the button that says "Profile Settings" and change the following settings:

  • Profile Comment
  • Favorite Post
  • Who should be able to see your profile comment?
  • How would you describe your experience with games?
  • Who should be able to see your experience with games?
  • Who should be able to see your birthday?
  • Who should be able to see your friend list, followers, and followed users?
  • Who do you want to be able to see your favorite communities?
  • Favorite Game genres

Profile Comments

You can view a user's profile comment by going onto their profile on Miiverse.

However, the admins can restrict your profile comment so other users cannot see it if your's violates the Code of Conduct. When this happens, it says "Profile comment hidden by admin." However, some users set their's that way as their actual profile comment, making it hard to tell if it's actually restricted or not.

When a user gets banned, the profile comment gets restricted until the user gets unbanned. The admins will redirect you to a page that states "This user is hidden".

Additionally, you can set it so only your Wii U Friends can view it. For other users, the profile comment will display as "This user's profile comment is private." It also says that when you restrict access from Miiverse for that user with the Parental Controls.

Play Journal

Play journal

The Play Journal's icon

The Play Journal is the replacement for posting to the Activity Feed. You can write about your gaming experiences there. Each seperate community has a Play Journal section. All Play Journal entries have screenshots attached to them. (except for games that have screenshots disabled for their Miiverse Community) The Play Journal appeared after the redesign. Everyone thought that the Activity Feed would be gone, but the screenshots show the Activity Feed is still present, and was soon explained by Erika that you can still view posts there.

Play Journal example

Favorite Communities

This feature allows users to select and go to their favorite communities on their Miiverse Profiles. In order to add a favorite community to your Favorite Communities List, you must first find a community and click the button with the star icon that say "Favorite". Users are able to favorite or unfavorite communities at any time.

Recently Saved Screenshots

Users can save screenshots to their profile and post them to Miiverse whenever they feel like. Users have the option the post saved screenshots to a Play Journal or delete it from their Saved Screenshots list.

Nintendo NSider Forums

The Nintendo NSider Forums was Nintendo of America's biggest attempt prior to Miiverse to create a large discussion forum. It opened on November 24, 2003 and was closed indefinitely September 17, 2007.

It had a lot of the same problems that Miiverse has, including friend code sharing being banned. The admins were volunteer Nintendo employees.

The forum was set up on Lithium software much like the official PlayStation forum, and the board categories were modeled after Nintendo's magazine, Nintendo Power.


As of August 28th, 2017, it is confirmed that Miiverse in its entirety would shut down on November 8th, 2017. Miiverse features in games like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker would no longer work. There is a way to archive your post history and it would be sent a couple weeks after the Miiverse Shutdown.

To find all the games that have been affected by the shutdown, see here.

The end

the page that appears when visiting Miiverse after November 8, 2017


  • Miiverse's codename before launch was "Olive".
  • If you follow someone, the person you followed may appear in your WaraWara Plaza.
  • Before 5/20/15, more than one person per follower would appear in your Activity Feed.
  • Miiverse was developed by the same people who created Flipnote Hatena, which was Nintendo's previous social media.
  • Miiverse was confirmed not to be returning to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo's president wanted there to be integration with more mainstream forms of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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