Miinion Thing
NNID Minionisbestthin
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Miinion2


















Miinion is a user who posts often in the New Super Luigi U Community. His posting style often involves his campaign to become king of Miiverse, or how he is better than everything. Although he was hated, he has shown he really isn't a bad guy.


Miinion showed up on August 8th, 2015. Right from the start, he began his conquering of the Smashers. He made posts telling the Smashers to give their community to him, or that he was their new king. He became a topic for a little while. He continued to show up running the same drill, causing drama every time he made a post. He also has recently tried to bait (but failed) the Hylians by quoting spongebob and Cold Midna.

On January 1st, 2016 he revealed why did the spamming. He was just a normal smasher in the Wii Fit U Community, only to find out about the update. He soon saw other bandwagoners posting minion related posts. This caused a minion hatred. So he decided with a new found hatred of minions to create a troll account symbolic of the minions. He then began to spam pretending to be a stupid user too idiotic to realize he wasn't wanted. He then said that his actions were just a joke but lead to much more, talking about the Δς Clan who act like him. As he quoted: "My actions destroyed a community I once loved. They've gone completely different; Relying on thier laughing stock to save them. I just wanna know how I ended up in this giant mess".

MiinionX, 9, 12, 13, and 15 all got mass banned on 3/21/16 at around 7 pm while Miinion was playing Minecraft.

Miinion Army

Over time, many users with NNIDs like Miinion2, Miinion3, etc. have been created. With these, and the shortened posting limit, Miinion was able to make a lot of posts in a short amount of time. These were just his usual "Miinion for king" and "Miinion > (Whatever)" posts. Some well known alts include MiinionX, Miinion4 and Miinion9.

The Miinion Army was weakened sometime in April 2016, as a new Miiverse rule took place that would not allow users to post on the PC version of Miiverse without being linked to a Wii U or 3ds. While this was an inconvenience for Miinion, he can still make use of these alts.

List of Alts:


Miinion4 Note: Used For Smash alongside Miinion11

Miiiiiiinion (Miinion5)

Miinionette (Miinion6)

Miinion Emma (Miinion7)




M11N1ON Note: Used for Smash alongside Miinion4

Animeinion (Miinion12)


Kiingion (Miinion14)


Sanmiinion (Miinion16) Note: Sans + Miinion

FazMiinion (Miinion17) Note: FNAF Miinion

Kawaiion (Miinion18)

N64Miinion (Miinion19)

#Miinion (Miinion100)


9+10iion (Miinion21)

Smash4iion (Miinion22)

Pumpkiinion (Miinion1031)

A Miinion (MiinionA)

2wkBaniion(MiinionB) Note: Created due the mass banning of Miinion X, 9, 12, 15, and 13

The "Miiverse: Dark Genocide" Game Series

Miinion (Along with 4 Revenge319, Niderp, Mr.Penguin7 and Meganium1218) are the producers of Miiverse: Dark Genocide; A Minecraft Adventure map for the Wii U. Unlike The other Developers, Miinion is also plot relevant in the story.

Please Keep in mind that there will be MAJOR spoilers for Miiverse: Dark Genocide's Plot ahead!

The second Dungeon of the Game is a house built upon some ruins. After clearing the Dungeon, The Player exits out to a campfire. This campfire Belongs to Miinion. Miinion then tells the player of his origins, but that he's given up trying to become king despite him still wanting the crown. He's been living in the Second Dungeon ever since the Hotel Bigley Bombing, studying the origins of Bigley and Shrek's movements. He then tells the Player he wishes to Revive Bigley and Find Shrek (Believing that he holds a needed part in reviving Bigley) The player in hopes of getting answers and being able to go home agrees to Help Miinion on his quest.

After the Player has gotten Azelf, Shrek (Who the Player rescued from Farquaad in Duloc and is a member of Team Plasma) hijacks the Ufo containing Uxie. The player must then fight up the Ufo to the main room. There the Player must fight Shrek for Uxie. After the fight however, Shrek Kidnaps Miinion (Who has been holding the Lake spirits the entire time) and reveals he was the first Robot made by Team Plasma that ran on the M.E.M.E. drive.He also went Rouge. Miinion is then taken to Hotel Bigley.

The player meets N on his trip to the Hotel, and agrees to help look for The player's Friend. N suggests that Miinion may be in the Basement (as a secret Plasma HQ is there) but he could also be on the roof. N then heads off on his Reshiram to the Roof to look. The Player finds Miinion and then starts to track up The hotel.

While the Player is defeating the Brogre army, Miinion is summoning Bigley. However, Miinion Screwed up, and Bigley is enraged. After Defeating Bigley, Miinion Reveals the Truth; Miinion died once before to N and another ally of N.The M.E.M.E. Drive was nothing more than the brain of Miinion plugged into a robot. Plasma needed Miinion, as only Miinion could dumb-en down the masses enough to submit to Ghetsis. Miinion then pushes the Player and N off of the Hotel. The player then track Miinion down to Spear Pillar nd ultimately to Neo Bigley Fortress in the Distortion world. Here Miinon fuses with Bigley and Shrek's souls to become The Miiversian Trio. The player must defeat Them, and escape.

There also exists an RPG Maker edition of Miiverse: Dark Genocide. The plot is slightly different and contains 90% less massive horde battles. The BETA can be acquired here:

Here is a demo for another game he is making, Miiverse: Spectral Extremes:


  • "BANANA!!!"


  • He almost always posts in caps
  • He refers to himself in third person.
  • He has admitted to being not as good as Lambie and said "Lambie > Miinion".
  • Miinion is actually a user named Casey (Pokenum151ftw)
  • MiinionX was originally thought up as a Time Traveler sent back to the past to warn what would happen if Miinion didn't become King of Miiverse
  • MiinionX has been the only Miinion alt brought back from a two week ban
  • He also made a Smash 4 Modpack :

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