KEEP the update!

—Mii XD
Mii XD

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NNID pac-banana
Age 11
Joined May 15, 2015
Community Tomodachi Life Community
NSLU Community
Followers 107+
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday May 12th
Alts KnuckleGlint

Mii XD is a Miiverse user who mainly posts on the Tomodachi Life Community, she also supports the admins, the Miiverse Redesign, and all Miiverse updates. She used to be mainly against off-topic posts in the wrong communities. She created Trio Team. Her real name is Valerie.

She is disliked by most Miiverse users, as she supports 3 things most hate. She used to want all off-topic posts to be restricted to the YouTube Community. But Co-leader zoobaby10 wanted to exterminate off-topic posts. Her most popular post by far is one saying "KEEP the update! KEEP the update! KEEP the update! KEEP the update! it's a good update!" It has 1000 comments and 119 Yeahs. She was noticed by the Smashers when she made a post saying that "If a trio team member sees a off-topic post, check there profile and see if they have 5 or more off topic posts, if they do report them." This post was reported and removed 2 hours later.

She is done with this off-topic post and Smasher extermination stuff.

Screenshot 2015-09-11-05-17-43

On 8/9/15, she posted this on the YTC: "the smashers! they are very mean! join trio team and we can stop those false-reporters! go away, smashers!" When users Ness Swag and Smergle123 brought this up, it resulted in a 76 comment argument.

On 8/27/15, she joined The Smashers for 5 days.

Mii XD has been globaled on Wikia due to someone else using her account after she was tricked into giving out her password and made an alt.

She also considers Miiverse to be for the Admins.

She officially shut down Trio Team last 10/8/15 for people hating her for liking the update. She also stated that she would never again mention the redesign. (but will she mention it by mistake?) On 10/9/15, she said she would re-open Trio Team after receiving a warning about DEAD CELL. She has now started a team called THE LIVING CELL to fight against DEAD CELL.

Mii XD is now permabanned, all thanks to "fnaf hero", an 8-year-old troll.

She has now made an alt whose NNID is KnuckleGlint.

One day (2-3-16), she posted this drawing:

You're NEXT!

Her profile comment

"Show love for Bigley. I'm the only resident of Bigley Hotel.

I'm a HUGE Minecraft fan. I LOVE to play with friends! О– ф" /\ Bigley

Trio Team History

Trio Team started out as PAC-BOWSER with the name referencing her Smash Bros. 4 mains. Eventually, she was introduced to Torchwood, a team made for helping Miiverse users with problems. Next, she was introduced to Team Snivy, a team to support the update. Team Snivy's leader was super gq. Team Snivy and PAC-BOWSER joined to create PAC-SNIVY-BOWSER. However, she thought the name was too big, so she added Torchwood to the combination of teams. She then called it "Trio Team"

Trio Team was against the Anti Miiverse Redesign Association. At 10-15-15, Mii XD made a comment on one of AMRA's posts. The comment was:

"We're forming an alliance. For now. I am the founder of Trio Team. We're forming a team called "PAC-MRA". Do you approve?"

Mii XD tried many times. Finally, AMRA agreed.

Meme Team

Valerie started a series called "The Meme Team". The members are: a Bigley named Biley (leader), Fred the fish, John Cena (currently a head), Navi, Caillou, and Flying Lawnmower. On September 1st, she posted a spoiler about Flying Lawnmower joining Meme Team. She has not posted a Meme Team post in a very long time.

Favorite Post



Her Alt Account

Mii XD's alt is way different. Her name is Sweg Eevee and the NNID is KnuckleGlint. She was the leader of Gati Group, but she then closed it. She has been making Pokemon art a lot, especially Woobat art. Well you want to know why she chose Woobat? Because she wanted to fins a Pokemon she could draw easily. However, she has been making other art including one with Paper Peach and a Goomba. On the day she left, May 5th, she accidentally made a "depression" meme and, well, she left. She said her final goodbyes and left Miiverse. However, she did ask someone to take her place as a Pokemon artist. Her funeral can be held in her most recent drawing. The new person's name is Sweg4evr and is the one who decided to help take her place.

Console Ban!

After a final alt, she was console banned. She now has a YouTube channel and makes Minecraft videos.