Mighty No. 9 Community
Community Type Main Community
Launch Date June 24, 2016
Special Attributes None
Community console WiiUPlatform
Game Genre Action, platform
Related Communities None

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The Mighty No. 9 Community is a Wii U community for the game of the same name. Mighty No.9 is a Wii U title developed by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune. When the Nintendo 3DS version of the game releases it will likely have a community as well.

Community Activity

The community activity is mostly users posting about how bad the game is along with many drawings calling it a low quality Mega Man clone. There are some people praising the game, however.


The project was started via Kickstarter, and gained massive success with four million dollars raised.

Over time, more concepts for gameplay, enemies, and characters were shown off. Comcept even created a special poll for what the design of Beck's partner, Call, would look like.

During the development of the game, Comcept made a new kickstarter for voice acting. Fans were given the chance to vote for either English or Japanese voice acting.

The game was set to release on September 15, 2015. But due to Comcept finding a publisher for Mighty No. 9 and another game be developed by Comcept, Mighty No. 9's release was pushed back to early 2016. The delay was also largely due to issues with the game's online features.

When Mighty No. 9 finally released in June 2016, it got mostly mixed to negative reception. The Wii U version received the most negativity due to complaints of glitches and the game causing Wii U's to be bricked.



  • Keiji Inafune also considered a Mega Man Legends-esque game for the new Mighty No. 9 franchise. This would later lead to Inafune creating the game Red Ash, which had a Kickstarter that almost failed if it wasn't for Concept finding a publisher for the game.
  • A Mighty No. 9 cartoon series and movie are in development.
  • Despite the mostly mixed to negative reviews Comcept still has plans to make a Mighty No.9 sequel.
  • Mighty No. 9 was delayed 4 times.
  • Mighty No. 9 was not only infamous for its constant delays, but for its revolutionary marketing too.
  • Mighty No. 9 has different problems for each system it's on. Most noticeably on the Wii U game, which barely works and freezes the console. The PS4 version had some cut content, the PC version could be detected as a virus, and the Xbox 360 and 3DS version were outright delayed.

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