The Commet is C.

NNID mickyjones2006
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Mick (styled as "mick") is Miiverse user known for complaining about the Smashers migrating to the Wii Fit U Community and was nicknamed "second JJ" after trying to create Mick's Comet. He left Miiverse after he decided he was receiving too much criticism.

His profile is gone. It is most likely because he deleted his Nintendo Network ID.

Mickly News Daily



Mick wasn't a very well known until he noticed that the Wii Fit U Community was off-topic. He then made posts complaining about the community being off-topic, thus resulting in him being trolled by pretty much everyone else in the community at the time. Mick, upon finding out about JJ's comet, attempted to start Mick's Comet. (stylized as mick's Commet) which the Wii Fit U users predicted to either be a troll or just a bunch of report-bombs. Nothing much really happened upon the day said comet would arrive, and Mick eventually faded into obscurity after leaving Miiverse.



  • He also gets called Mickey Mouse. This was invented by "NahtTewiInaba".
  • Some users claim that he is a troll.
  • He got banned because of his comments.
  • Akaito refers to Mick's Comet as "Mick Mouse's Golf Ball" due to how he and other users believed that little would actually happen. This became a fun little meme for a short while in the Wii Fit U Community.

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