1k6tyj2q6m55h normal face
NNID SlowMinded (banned)
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Zelda Community
Followers 245+
System(s) owned Both
Birthday Unknown
Alts SlowMinded2 DelatedWit2

Michael (NNID: SlowMinded) was a semi-popular user that has been around Miiverse since May 2014. He has a total of 245+ followers across all his accounts. He basically just posted random off-topic stuff on the Wii Fit U Community.


Michael first started posting in the Zelda community when he first started Miiverse and made on-topic posts (ikr omg) there for a while. Shortly after he found the Smash community and decided to join them in their off-topicness. He's been with them ever since and follows them to whichever community they go to. He's inactive on all of his accounts, as his last posts were in the pre-redesign Wii Fit U Community.


  • Michael (Wii U) (NNID: SlowMinded) (Status: Banned)
  • Michael2 (Wii U) (NNID: SlowMinded2) (Status: Inactive)
  • Michael (3DS) (NNID: DelayedWit) (Status: Permabanned, deleted)
  • Michael (3DS) (NNID: DelayedWit2) (Status: Inactive)


  • All his accounts have the same name and all his NNIDs are either SlowMinded or synonyms of SlowMinded.
  • He's had several tempa bans and one perma ban.
  • He rants about weeaboos.
  • He likes and dislikes many things.
  • He's a hardcore Xenoblade fanboy.
  • The YouTube community makes him cringe.
  • For a short while he was a yeahbomber, but quickly got bored of it.

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