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NNID Mrs.Lovvet
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community YouTube Community
Followers 2,000
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Μiabella~♪ is a user on Miiverse who mostly posts drawings of herself and the characters Sketchbook and Tony from DHMIS.

She is a huge fan of the DHMIS series on YouTube and posts fanart of the characters frequently, mostly drawings that put the humanized designs of Sketchbook (Paige) and Tony in a shipping situation.

Previous Account

Lets get creative

Miabella's previous accounts favorite post

She used to have an account with the ID Mrs.Lovett. This account was pretty popular, with 2,000+ followers. Her posts were often in the poplar posts of the YouTube Community with 100+ Yeah!s. Her first ever post was on the Pokémon X&Y Community, asking about the Ghost Girl in the elevator.

Her current favorite post

Μiabella~♪'s first account went though many drawing styles and changes.

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