Metroid Series
Publisher Nintendo
Year of creation 1986
Genre Adventure
The Metroid Series was created by Nintendo in 1986. The series features a bounty hunter named Samus Aran, who must explore and collect different items, weapons, and defeat multiple enemies in order to complete her missions. Most games in the series commonly have Samus facing off against Metroids, Space Pirates such as Ridley and Kraid, or even a new enemy in the series, like the X-Parasites from Metroid Fusion.
200px-Power Suit zm Artwork

Samus, the main protagonist of the series


The Metroid series has a few communities for some of it's Virtual Console games, such as Super Metroid and Metroid. On Miiverse the series is very popular, and many Metroid fans also use Miiverse to talk about the series and games. Bigley, the popluar Miiverse meme, was made due to users saying Ridley, the main antagonist, is too big for Super Smash Bros.


List of Metroid related Miiverse communities


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