aka Cody

  • I live in A House
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Eating Donuts
  • I am A Dolphin
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  • Why can't I find inspiration? There's just nothing in my mind. I will not lie, I don't want to kill myself, but I do want to die. Things are too complicated, it's too much for my brain. The problems I have, the struggles, the endless pain. My soul was once blue, and now it's turning red, if it continues this way, I'm gonna get angry and someone is going to end up dead. I just want to be happy, can't you do that please? I'm begging you, I'm even on my knees. You act like my friend, but it's all just for show, I see what you're doing, what? you didn't think I would know? You're causing everyone pain Sam, you're hurting me and Tori, I hate how you act like you're the one in pain, like we should pity you, what's the purpose? what do you want, for us to say sorry? we did nothing wrong, you aren't the one dying, quit acting like this, quit acting sad and play crying. I love the old you, but you've turned into a monster, how do I fix this one? throw Jonah in the dumpster? Anyway, I gotta go now, this conversation has to end, I just want you to know, I'll always remember the old you, the you that was truly my bestfriend

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  • Mewhenyouseedadumbshitonlmr
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  • >Vinesore







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  • So we left off when i was 11? okay so i believe that was the year i got black ops 2 and alot more "friends"

    it was an okay time, i actually met a girl i really liked online, i actually fell in love the first time i met her.

    me and her became best friends and really close :)

    we talked all the time, i would actually look forward to being stuck at home all day :/

    (im going to give all these people fake names, so we are going to call the girl i liked from part 1 pikachu, and we will call this one hitler. i'll give people fake names as we go.)

    but damn, i loved hitler just as much as pikachu.

    it felt fucking amazing.

    but you know me, I FUCK EVERYTHING UP.

    i told her my feelings and she said she had a boyfriend

    i was fine with this cause we were still friends after all right?


    she deleted me off her friends list after i went to bed...

    i woke up, i sent her a message asking why she deleted me, she was on 24/7 so i know she should have answered....

    i checked for like a week sending message after message!

    she didn't reply... i was destroyed... i hated myself and my life...

    i was depressed to the point of trying suicide, i cried every night and eventually started cutting.

    i asked for help from my "best friends" all of whitch where online friends...

    all i got was a "fuck off" and a "not my problem"... except for one friend...

    he said "if you kill yourself i will too"

    i said "no please don't!"

    we argued about it for about 10 minutes

    then he said "goodbye forever"

    and before i could reply he got off...

    At this point my life was absolute SHIT!

    i miss hitler, i lost a good friend and im adicted to cutting...

    it's near the end of the year now, i had just turned 12

    i felt like this was all life was now... cutting, depression and suicide attempts...

    but i met a girl IRL around this time, and i didn't think much of it, but she is really important later so we'll call her Gorge W Bush

    but i thought Gorge W Bush was just going to be some one who would leave almost immediately.

    she actually stuck around though

    anyway, im filled with depression and i meet another girl around the beginning of the year, so we will call her Jan (get the joke? JANuary) so i started to kind of like Jan 

    Pretty damn hot and my type of girl

    i start hanging out with her abit but trying not to get hurt again cause im still really hurt from the last girl 

    but we skip forward to summer at the beginning im still really damn upset about hitler and i try talking to her again not expecting shit, but i do it anyway and she actually responds! but she says fucking bullshit! she said "oh im sorry! my thing deletes people randomly and sometimes i forget to re-add them"


    i of course didn't say this but i knew everything that came out of her mouth was complete shit

    but i play along

    so anyway i talk to her every now and then, not as much as before, and everything she tells me now is basically a lie but i play along with it all... still do go along with her shit but whatever.

    anyway i think this is enough for part 2, part 3 will be here soon :)

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  • let's start with when i was 6 years old, i met a girl i thought was pretty damn anoying.

    all she would ever do is say "pikachu!" or make animal noises.

    she anoyed me more than anyone else at that time, and i already had enough on my plate with my dad getting in my face cussing at me, yelling at me and mentally abusing me.

    it was complete shit since he did this to my siblings too, and my oldest sibling would always argue with him and sometimes it was pretty damn hard to sleep cause of this.

    anyway, i had just afew friends at this time and i was always looking for more friends.

    so the girl that was really anoying to me, I got to know her better and i actually started to fall in love with her.

    fast forward about a month and my friend gets involved, she tells me that the girl i fell in love with likes me too.

    she sets it up so we can talk to eachother and we become boyfriend and girlfriend.

    we give eachother love notes and even exchange house phone numbers.

    one day we are in sunday school sitting next to eachother and she puts her hand on my thigh and keeps it there the whole class <3

    (sorry but we aren't just going to start fucking in the middle of class, also im about 7 now and she is 9 so no way are we going to fuck bizich)

    after that we are about to leave and i kiss her on the cheek <3

    after that i start dealing with bullies, they weren't that hard to deal with, afew bruses isn't even shit.

    also around this time my bro accidentally kicked me in the face, and i had to get 6 stitches in my lip

    fast forward to when im about 8. we stop seing eachother slowly less times a month, to less times a week, and then only every once and awhile.

    it was over. 

    im now single and im not in love anymore, the best feeling i've ever known is now gone, love.

    im now 9, i start going to partys every friday and sometimes on saturdays

    i start jerking off

    i lose alot of friends, and make new ones that are bad influences.

    i also start playing cod:black ops and talking to people online

    fast forward to when im 11.

    most of my friends are online.

    im still going to every party i can.

    im jerking off every day

    and i think im going to end part 1 here, i'll post part 2 soon! thanks for reading guys :)

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  • Alot of times i tell storys in the chat and only like one person reads them so im going to posting them to my wall cause those of you who actually hear my life storys think they're pretty cool :)

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  • Yee, I thought it was really good. Worth staying up 'til one A.M. for. Just thought I should let you know.

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  • Hello, welcome to Le Miiverse Resource Wiki, the official wiki for everything Miiverse! Thank you so much for your edit to the User blog:Le Miiverse Resource/Chat Rules page.

    Now, I'm sure you're used to the strict nature that is Miiverse, but I can assure you, we are much better! If you ever need any help, don't hesitate to ask me at Message Wall:NukenZack.

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    • If you act in a disrespectful manner to others, the admins, such as myself, can and may ban you from the site for a set amount of time. Continuing to act this way can get you a permanent ban.
    • If you are banned, and come back on using an alt, the alt will be perma-banned, and the original ban can be extended up to twice as long.

    If you are finding it hard to figure out what to do on Le Miiverse Resource, or just want to know how to use it, click this link here.

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