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Yosuke is rlly cool



Age 15
Joined February 7th, 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 323
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday July 16th
Alts Miracle-Mask

Last_Spectre EliseTheLoli

Meryl (PSIMeryl) is a smasher who usually posts in the New Super Luigi U Community. She draws often on her 3DS account, receiving positive feedback. She currently has 4 Miis she uses; Wadanohara, YOSUKE, Samekichi, and Lapis. However, her 3DS account (Miracle-Mask) is more active than PSIMeryl.

Her older NNIDs were darkrai012, darkrai013, and Darkrai014. She no longer uses all three.

Her LMR account is Meryl014.

During the Smash Bros. Community

Meryl joined the Smash Bros. Community during April, and she started off-topic posting from there. Her mii at the time was PixelKitty, which was supposed to look like her in real life with shorter hair. She later changed her mii to Emmy to fit in with a group of Professor Layton miis she met. She was very active at the time.

During Zelda/Wii Fit U

During the move to Zelda, Meryl began to get her first admin notifs. She eventually got her first temp ban due to sharing friend codes.

During the move to Wii Fit U, Meryl changed her mii again after meeting two users named Travis and Floyd to of course, Meryl. Her last times in Wii Fit U until her Perma ban was when ELIMINATOR was false reporting all the MOTHER Miis. She luckily had two alts and continued to post on Darkrai014.


Meryl is interested in many things, but a few of them are Seven Deadly Sins, Funamusea/Deep-Sea Prisoner's works, Fire Emblem, Pokemon.

She has also a Tumblr


  • Her senpai is Floyd
  • She has low self-esteem
  • Her children are Whisper from Yo-Kai Watch and Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Her waifu is SpineMouth
  • She's everyone's waifu
  • She has never revealed her selfie or her voice, and she doesn't plan to.


  • "Everyone here is my waifu, and I'm everyone's waifu."
  • "whisper is better than your favourite yo-kai"
  • "whisper is my child"
  • "meliodas is my smol sin"
  • "i like it when meliodas and elizabeth get touchy-feely"
  • "Floyd x Meryl"
  • "whoops gotta change classes"

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