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Birthday July 7, 1998
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MemeSenpai (Also known as Mr.BradBoZ) is an artist/meme poster on Miiverse. He mainly creates SpongeBob SquarePants memes. He usually draws abstract, box, pixel, and classy art. His posts get a gigantic amount of yeahs. He's been banned a few times on his MemeSenpai account. Not including the accounts that have been permanently banned in his past, before Nintendo released an update of console banning. Due to his age, 19, many users look up to him. Despite him acting rather very childish for his age. And he does not mind disrepecting those who disrepect him. (Explains why he is always banned lmao) Still, he gains many follows everyday.


As BradBoZ

Once upon a time, MemeSenpai used to be known as BradBoZ on Miiverse. All of his past accounts, including his current account, are all now permanently banned. You could say this is a obituary towards his Miiverse life.

Old Artwork 1

BradBoZ made his debut in Miiverse in November 24, 2012. His first post was reported to be the NintendoLand. After he made that post, he was never seen again until June of 2013. BradBoZ started drawing again and earned his own audience and followers to show his cringey artwork too. Did he yeahbomb back then? You bet. But it was only communities he yeahbombed, and ALWAYS communities. This changed in 2017. He tried drawing comics, and the same box art he draws today, but mostly he was drawing his redefined anime representation. There is only one artwork saved from such ancient times. You could say it represents the pinnacle of his BradBoZ account before 2014. Please do note that these cringey artworks were drawn in 2013. Not so far from 2010 so

After drawing for a long time, 2014 came and a lot of new artists were making their debuts. But there was a problem for BradBoZ that would change him afterwards. Not only in his personal life, but in his Miiverse life as well. These new artists started to use their followers to attack others with no responsibility. So a lot of these loyal followers from others ambushed BradBoZ. Leaving an unhappy audience and a abolished social status on Miiverse. BradBoZ still stayed on Miiverse, but was no longer involved as most of his audience left. These months were BradBoZ's acceptance towards "constructive criticism."

As MemeSenpai

After learning from many mistakes of his drawings, he decided in June of 2016 that he needed a complete change. He was finally starting to gain ground once again, but he did not want to lose that solid ground again. So thus, he served for his audience to become MemeSenpai. Of course, it was a big hit. It was a sense of retaliation towards the current "popular" artists for MemeSenpai though. Of course, most of them are displeased with MemeSenpai's growing fame but it is mostly karma. He would say which Miiverse artists are displeased, but it is best to not to take responsibility for what his followers do instead. winky face MemeSenpai is a bit power hungry but treatments from his past accounts are the best explanations. He does thank all of his followers, and tries to control them to be respectful towards the new artists. So he is not selfish by any means or egotistical.

From the beginnings of Miiverse, his drawings took only 3 hours to draw. But now his drawings takes 20 hours to days. Some miiversians believes that he uses a software which is comPLETELY false.


Twitch Account

Twitter Account - RECOMMENDED! ARTWORKS (or memes really lmfao) FROM SPLATOON 2!!


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