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NNID [1]
Age 18
Joined 11/24/2012
Community YouTube Community
Followers 2100+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday July 7, 1998
Alts N/A

MemeSenpai is an artist/meme poster on Miiverse. He mainly creates Spongebob Squarepants memes. He usually draws abstract, box, pixel, and classy art. His posts get a gigantic amount of yeahs. He's been banned a few times on his MemeSenpai account. Not including the accounts that have been permanently banned in his past, before Nintendo released an update of console banning. Due to his age, 18, many users look up to him. He gains many follows everyday, too.


MemeSenpai has had multiple bans over his time on Miiverse. And of course they do not go unnoticed. Due to his popular drawings and him uploading them like everyday, His fans get pretty angry and sad. so he could lose up to 200 followers, and he'll lose viewers to his posts after the ban. Besides all of the bans he has a very strict admin restriction, Much like PF2M So he doesn't comment much on peoples posts, but if he does it's pretty funny.

With the help of a few other users, MemeSenpai has returned onto Miiverse after a long hiatus as from what he recalls, "time off for college and work". He plans to take another long hiatus similar to the last half of 2016 throughout the first half of 2017 and mostly during the summer months. After such long hiatus, he intends to draw more and stay more active afterwards.



  • His real name is Brad.
  • He follows other artists and those who wished to be noticed by him.

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