His Mii.
NNID Swimfast07
Age Unknown
Joined March, 2013
Community Original Smash Community.
Followers 163
System(s) owned 3DS, N3DS, Wii U.
Birthday 7/03
Alts MeclentAlt

Meclent is a user who joined in March 2013, and is an original Smasher.

Meclent is a some what average user, posting both game pictures and dank memes in the Wii Fit U community. His Mii name has a special T on the end. Meclent's name was given to him by Omega★star, when he was asking for a new name for his Mii.

His NNID is Swimfast07 and is not open to friend requests, the reason according to him, is that he was being spammed with friend requests to the point he had to disable them.

After the redesign, Meclent's activity on Miiverse came to a halt, and he now barely ever uses it.

Meclent is also an active admin on Dewd 's forum Smashfeed, which you can find here He has 163 followers at the time of this edit, yet hardly any of them are active followers.

On the 11th of April, 2016, they made a return to the NSLU community and begun listing off Pokemon names, vowing to "catch them all."

He has never been banned and has six notifications at the time of this edit.

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