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NNID MealTheGr8
Age Unknown
Joined February 2013
Community Wii Sports Club Community
Followers 200+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday February 9th
Alts MatalSanic

LMR has been a bumpy ride, but I overall had a good time.


Meal is a user who joined Miiverse in February 2013. She mostly posted in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community before all the Smashers moved to the Wii Fit U Community. She has 200+ followers if you include her all of her accounts together. She mostly uses one of her alts, MealTheGr8, because she can't use her original main account (Metalpeoplerock2) on other devices other than her Wii U.


Meal first joined Miiverse in February 2013. Her first post was in the Nintendo Land Community, where she said something about the Zelda mini game. Later on, she moved to the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, where she became a Smasher. When The Zelda Move happened, Meal took a 3 month break from Miiverse. When she came back from her break, she started posting on-topic. Around March 2014, she started posting off-topic again. When she saw everyone had moved to the Wii Fit U Community, she joined the off-topic posting and stayed there until the Miiverse Redesign happened.
Nobody cares

How she feels about most of the posts on Miiverse

Two days before the redesign happened, she got banned for 2 weeks. On August 21, 2015, she stated that she was going to take a break from Miiverse.

After Her Break

Meal stopped being extremely active on Miiverse after she announced she was taking a break. She completely missed the second Zelda move. A few weeks after the Smashers left the Zelda community for the second time and moved to the New Super Luigi U Community, Meal starting to post in the NSLUC for a few weeks.

Meal started to post off-topic in the Ibaraki Community until she lost interest in Miiverse and eventually left. Whenever she does use Miiverse, it's usually just to comment on off-topic posts in the New Super Luigi U Community.

Le Miiverse Resource History

Meal first joined LMR on July 9th, 2015 with the name "MetalSonic41". She wasn't very active on her first few days on LMR, but soon became very active on the wiki. She mainly used the chat, and edited pages. In August, Meal did the same stuff that she did, (mainly being on the chat, editing pages). She hit a huge milestone in August, as she hit 1,000 edits.

One day in September, Alphys777 posted "Meal" in the chat instead of "Metal", and then the name "Meal" stuck. Later on, she changed her name to TheGreatMeal.

On October 23rd, a staff meeting happened and Meal got promoted to the forum moderator position. On November 12th, another staff meeting happens and Meal gets promoted to a mixed moderator. On January 17th, she is promoted once again to Admin. On January 23rd, Meal resigned from her admin position due to stress and IRL issues.

On April 29th, Meal got re-promoted to Content Moderator.

On August 17th, 2016, Meal resigned from her Content Moderator position and left LMR. Her resigning post can be found here.


  • She has many alts, including MetalSonic (NNID Metalpeoplerock, not to be confused with MetalSonic, which was her main account until she switched to her current one, MealTheGr8), MatalSanic (NNID Matalpeoplerock3), etc.
  • The name "Meal" came from a typo of "Metal".
  • She has never actually stated her gender on Miiverse before. This has led many people to think she is a boy.
  • She was first Content Moderator on LMR.
  • All of her Miis have aspects from her Metal Sonic Mii.
  • Her most recent Mii has a green shirt unlike all of her other Miis. The reason she changed it to green was because her favorite color is actually green.
  • She forgot her password to her main account, and still can't remember it to this day.
  • She's a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo, and Danganronpa.
  • Even though she's commonly associated with Happy Meals, she hates McDonalds.
  • Her favorite video game song is "New World Order" from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. It is currently her message wall music.
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