Maxigamer new mii
NNID MaxiGamer_WiiU
Age 18
Joined July 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 281
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds 3DS (2)

Birthday August 4th, 1999
Alts MaxiGrump™

MaxiGrep™ GrepAline

MaxiGamer or MaxiGamer™, or even MaxiGrump™/MaxiGrep™/GrepAline (Main NNID: MaxiGamer_WiiU) is a Smasher that used to post regularly in the Wii Fit U Community and the New Super Luigi U Community.


On Miiverse

MaxiGamer has started his Miiverse journey on July of 2013, casually posting French posts on the Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U Communities, until he discovered the Super Smash Bros. Community in September of 2014.

When the Smashers moved to The Legend of Zelda Community, that's when he started to earn some recognition, as he gained 50 followers during that time. However, at the moment he got his 100th follower, he got banned, which was around October 21st 2014.

On December 31st 2014, he got temporarily banned for a second time. After this second ban, his activity had exponentially decreased over time, to the point of only posting on very rare occasions (about once or twice a month).

When the events of the Miiverse Redesign happened in July 2015, MaxiGamer moved back to the The Legend of Zelda Series Community, and afterwards, to the New Super Luigi U Community, like every other Smasher from the Wii Fit U Community.

His activity on Miiverse is now completely dead, as he does not use the social network anymore.


MaxiGamer joined Le Miiverse Resource Wiki on December 2nd, 2014. His first contribution was uploading his selfie on LMR to add to the former "Official Selfie Page", like many other new users the same day. He calls these new users (including himself) "The Selfie Users", since they joined LMR by posting a selfie.

About a month later, on December 31st, 2014, Maxi met Joey on Miiverse, after he kept begging to "have a page on LMR", even though he had no clue what it meant. Joey proposed him to make one for him, and it is when that MaxiGamer's activity on the wiki really began to increase.

He then started to frequent LMR's chat room, where he met a ton of new people and friends, some of them now being very close friends of his.

At around late February/early March of 2015, MaxiGamer's activity on both the chat and the wiki decreased a lot, due to him leaving LMR to migrate to the Scarf Heroes Wiki, alongside some other users. Since then, he had been visiting the chat and wiki every two months or so, for only a few minutes, just to see how much the wiki had been evolving over time.

Some time after the wiki's downfall, whenever that was, he decided to join the LMRCord, annoying everyone, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.


He is overall a very friendly user. He has had three accounts and used to yearn to regain his lost "popularity", which he never got back. He enjoys playing most Mario games and is a fan of Vinesauce, Vinny and Joel in particular.


  • He's 18 years old, he can legally kill himself by drinking booze to the point of dying from an ethylic coma (in certain parts of Canada only).
  • He owns a Wii U and two 3DS systems (one for regular use and another one for homebrewing).

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