Max Franco
Max Franco
Max Franco's current mii on his "ManvsFood" account
NNID ManvsFood
Age 14 (or so we think)
Joined 20/8/15
Community YouTube Community
Followers N/A
System(s) owned Nintendo 3DS Family
Birthday 16/4/??
Alts Max Franco (NNID: damonia05)
Max Franco (NNID: ManvsFood) is a user on Miiverse hailing from The YouTube Community. He claims to be fourteen years of age, and has gained some notoriety within the New Super Luigi U Community for his tendency to frequently date on Miiverse and being very emo in his posts, which the Smashers find to be immature and, quite frankly, stupid.


At the current moment, his first Miiverse account is banned, and I cannot be decisive on his exact origins. What we do know, however, is that his ManvsFood account is his sole reason for his popularity. His very first post on his ManvsFood account is "I want to love someone". If you couldn't tell already, Max Franco has an unhealthy obsession with dating on Miiverse. His most unique attribute, however, is his Miiverse dating habits have even lead him to cheat on his Miiverse grillfriends, which isn't seen in most YTC'ers.


Max Franco has gained quite the following on Miiverse for his overly-emotional posts begging for women to like him. Max Franco has hit on 18 women on his ManvsFood alone, which is astoundingly large, given the fact that the ManvsFood account has been around since the 20th of August.

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