Matthew (Meganium1218)
3qla79pyx1oph normal face (1)
NNID Meganium1218
Age Unknown
Joined July 12, 2015
Community NSLU, Outfit ID Exchange, Legend of Zelda
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Matt121802, Matt121801, Miinion 100, Matt121803

Matthew is a somewhat new user to the New Super Luigi U Community. He is a bandwagoner, but he hates to refer to himself as such. He used to be a member of the Animal Crossing Communities before accidentally discovering the NSLU through a follower of his. He is not popular.

He isn't extremely notable in the NSLU.. Even though joining Miiverse in July (when he got his Wii U), he'd been watching the Wii Fit U Community before hand, but was hesitant to join.

Matthew has a hatred of Five Nights at Freddy's (fanbase and game) and the Undertale Fanbase. He also has been given control of the Miinion alts Shrekiinion, Trumpiinion, A Miinion, 2wkbannion and Yeahiinion.

He also along with Casey (Miinion), Niderp, and DarkRevenge319 built a Minecraft Wii U version of the New Bigley Hotel. They also have built a Minecraft Wii U series of adventure maps:

Miiverse: Spectral Extremes

Miiverse: Dark Genocide

Miiverse: Critical Resurgence

Labyrinth Attack (A spin-off)

He did get admin'd a few times for attempted friend code sharing in a 3DS Community and he was once false reported for being off topic in the NSLU. His waifu is Thajra/Rhajat from Fire Emblem.

He is a member of Automaton's Noot Noot Cult. A group of Pingu meme spammers.

You can find his LMR account here.


Things He Likes

  1. Fire Emblem (game and fanbase)
  2. Dark Pits Theme
  3. Spamming Pingu
  4. Minecraft Wii U
  5. Animal Crossing

Things He Hates

  1. FNAF
  2. Any Undertale Ships.
  3. The Undertale Fanbase and the game
  4. Too much Arrow Posts
  5. Salty Undertale and FNAF Fans (such as Aqua Freddy)


  • "Sans and Papyrus are overrated. What are going to do about it?!"
  • "Welcome to the Democratic Republic of Bigley"
  • "Noot Noot"

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