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NNID Gamebo2015
Age 13
Joined December 10th, 2013
Community Percy's Predicament

YouTube Community New Super Luigi U Community Georgia Club

Followers 244
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday December 13th
Alts Gamebo2016, Gamebo (Original Account)

Matthew (Gamebo2015) is a moderately popular Miiverse user who has been using the program since December 10th, 2013 as a 3DS user. He is known for drawing pictures on the YouTube community, and posting regularly posts on the New Super Luigi U and the Georgia Club Community. Matthew often draws characters from games or cartoon shows, but also draws random doodles.


Matthew joined Miiverse on December 10th, 2013, a day after Miiverse was implemented into the 3DS. He posted primarily in the Sonic Lost World 3DS community, where he drew Sonic and other Sonic characters a lot, which is something he isn't proud of. He went on to meet a girl named Alexis, who he talked to for his first month before meeting Giga Gamby. He met Giga Gamby a few days before the end of 2013, and they slowly became friends. The two slowly drifted apart after he cancelled Worst Posts On Miiverse and quit using Miiverse. Around this time, Matthew became part of the Miiverse Gang, a group of Miiverse cartoonists consisting of Davis, Jordan, Marshall, Robert, Gamebus, and Deven. Matthew, during this time, changed his Mii to Mattoon and posted nothing but doodles. They would frequently play Mario Kart 8 together, but the gang slowly disbanded after several users became inactive, including Matthew. Matthew returned on a new account, Gamebo2015, on New Years Day 2015. This is the account Matthew still uses today, but after 4 temporary bans, Matthew made a new alt in May 2016 for drawings and where he'd go if he got permanently banned.



  • He lives in Georgia.
  • He has no siblings.
  • Matthew isn't happy about the events of Gamebo4lt on July 4th, 2015. He was not the poster of the images and feels as if it gave him a bad reputation.
  • Matthew admits that he was really cringy when he was a Smasher and when he was a Sonic fanboy. He is neither now and feels that he's matured a lot as he's been 13.
  • His favorite game genres are RPG, Simulation, and Racing.
  • He got a Gold Mario Amiibo for Easter.
  • Matthew has only gotten 3. drawings over 100 yeahs, both greyscale drawings of Sonic and the other Amy. His most popular drawing was a picture of Squidward dabbing.
  • He has a minor case of Autism.
  • Out of all the Matthew/Mattoon accounts he's had, he has had over 10. This is excluding over 4 troll accounts and 3 accounts based on his review group, T5G. He regrets making so many accounts and doesn't make them anymore.

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